The Book Collector was launched by Ian Fleming and has spanned the world of books for the last sixty-five years. It is the only journal in the world that deals with all aspects of the book. It prints notoriously independent opinions on subjects ranging from typography to national heritage policy, from medieval libraries to modern first editions. Among its features are articles on Stoning Charlotte Brontë, Eric Gill, W.G. Sebald, Chapbooks in Nigeria, the Hollidays' bookshop in New York, Patrick O' Brian's pen-knife and Kenneth Williams's handwriting. It's pithy, dependable and firm in tone.

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  • Four printed issues of 192pp each, sent by airmail where appropriate (cost included in the subscription)
  • Digital access to every single issue of The Book Collector, as printed, since its first appearance in 1952
  • Digital access to all issues of our predecessor, Book Handbook, which was published in twenty-eight numbers between 1947 and 1951
  • No restriction on the number of digital users
  • A new website with indexes covering every aspect of its sixty-five years of archive
  • International auction room sales since 1952 indexed by author, title, subject and collection

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