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Titlesort descending Dealer PDF Ref
15th- and 16th-Century Bindings Konrad Meuschel no. 85 2001-02
1660-1820 Arthur Freeman 2016-03
16th-century decorative arts L'Art Ancien, Zurich 1967-04
17th and 18th Century Voyages Bonham and Morrell 1982-04
1890s and Decadent Jacqueline Wesley no. 4 1989-04
18th-Century Agriculture Ximenes M8 2003-01
18th-Century Book Trade Pickering and Chatto 1985-04
18th-Century Cookery Ken Spelman no. 49 2004-01
18th-century English drama Hofmann and Freeman 1967-02
18th-Century Fiction Hofmann & Freeman 1971-01
18th-Century Ireland P. & B. Rowan no. 31 1986-03
18th-Century Sweden: A through Gy Mats Rehnström no. 9 1999-02
19th-Century British Artists Ian Hodgkins no. 76 1994-04
19th-Century Colour Printing Tony Appleton 1971-02
19th-Century Developments Ian Marr no. 9 2014-03
19th-Century Fiction Quaritch no. 1129 1990-04
19th-Century French Drama Chris Kohler 1979-04
19th-Century Medical & Scientific Webb Dordick 1983-02
1st US Editions of Charles Dickens Sumner and Stillmore no. 36 1991-03
20th-Century Literature [of Importance] Quaritch 1237 1997-03
20th-Century Russian Literature Quaritch 1996-03
20th-Century Russian Literature Quaritch 2009-01
21 Important Mathematical Books Andrew Hunter no. 4 2005-01
5 Centuries of Medicine Webb Dordick 2012-01
50 Manic-Depressive Geniuses Lakin & Marley no. 3 1995-03
50 Medieval and Renaissance MSS Kraus 1959-01
57 Books by, for and about Women Stuart Bennett 2013-03
A Book a Year from their Beginning Sotheran no. 250 2011-04
A Choice of Early Printed Books Jörn Günther no. 7 2003-01
A. Edward Newton Oak Knoll Books no. 228 2001-02
A. Edward Newton Oak Knoll Books no. 86 1987-01
A.L. Rowse Heywood Hill 1999-01
A.S.W. Rosenbach Oak Knoll Books no. 59 1984-04
Abolition of the Slave Trade Maggs no. 1431 2009-03
Abraham Pais Jeff Weber 100 2003-01
Acosta to Zimmermann William Reese no. 100 1995-03
Aepinus to Zwingli Quaritch no. 1211 1995-03
African-American Literature Quaritch no. 1333 2005-02
African-American Literature Thomas Goldwasser 1993-01
Africana and Americana E.M. Lawson 1966-03

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