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The Savoy Cocktail Book of 1930 2019-01
The Arctic Narratives of John Murray, Publisher to the Admiralty 2018-03
The Bond Market: An 007 Price Index 2017-01
The Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar 2019-01
On the Polar Shelf 2018-03
Polar Books in the National Trust 2018-03
Musings on 50 Albemarle Street 2018-04
Bookbindings, English & Foreign Pt 131 (For Bishop John King c.1616) 2017-03
Night Manager at Quill & Brush 2017-02
William Shenstone, the Book and the Production of Tasteful Objects 2019-02
The Franziskanerkloster Eger, from the Takamiya Collection (English & Foreign Bindings Pt 138) 2019-02
A Dibdin Rarity: George Lewis's 'Remarks' on his Dispute With Thomas Dibdin 2018-04
Alchemy in Britain III: James 'Paraffin' Young and John Ferguson's 'Bibliotheca Chemica' 2019-03
James Weatherup's Great Find:the Discovery, Identification and Sale of a Copy of the Bay Psalm Book 2018-04
Stefan George's Circle and the Georg Bondi Editions 2017-02
The Tennyson Society 2017-02
Author Societies: Walter de la Mare 2017-04
Ian Fleming and the Book Collector 2017-01
A Binding by Rose Adler and André Jeanne, 1931 2019-03
You Can't Do It Alone 2019-01
Pavement Nymphs and Roadside Flowers: Prostitutes in Paris after the Revolution 2019-01
Dust-Jacket by Richard Chopping for Ian Fleming's 'You Only Live Twice' 2017-01
Oscar Wilde at the British Library: Reflections on the Mary Eccles Collection 2019-01
Frankenstein 2018-03
Oates on Oates 2018-03
Nobu Shirase 2018-03
Alchemy in Britain II: Sir Hans Sloane's Manuscripts 2019-02
Bookbindings Pt 135 2018-03
The Library at Osterley Park 2017-02
Amulet, Curio, Text: the Bryce Miniature Qur'an 2019-02
The End of Obscenity: Barney Rosset and Grove Press 2019-02
Hidden in Plain View: Decoration and Double Meaning in the English Private Library 2018-04
Death by Qwerty: Penmanship in the USA 1830 to 1900 2019-03
Voyages of an Eton Librarian 2018-04
Contemporary Collectors Pt 70 (Brian McAvera) 2017-04
Contemporary Collectors Pt 66 (Stefan George) 2017-02
Bernard H. Breslauer on his Eightieth Birthday 1998-04
Author Societies: Tennyson 2017-02
The Queen Anne Press: A Checklist 1952-5 2017-01
English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 139 2019-03

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