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Index Entry Author View PDF
Collecting Ian Fleming: The Making of a Bibliography Jon Gilbert 2017-01
Skinking and Stinking: the Printing and Proofing of Robert Burn's Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect Scott & Lamont 2016-04
The Price of Passion: Indexing The Book Collector James Fleming 2016-04
Cherry James Fleming 2018-03
My Uncle Ian James Fleming 2017-01
Author Societies: The Friends of Arthur Machen R.B. Russell & Rosalie Parker 2016-03
W.M. Rossetti and the Wise-Forman Conspiracy William E. Fredeman 1987-01
Two Uncollected Bibliographers: S. Nowell-Smith and M. Trevanion William E. Fredeman 1989-04
The Poetry of E.E. Bradford: The Author's Own Copies Timothy D'Arch Smith 2017-02
John Evelyn's Archive at the British Library Theodore Hofmann 1995-02
Recasting Book History Simon Eliot 2017-02
An Attempt at a Union List of Editions of Melville, 1846-91 Richard Colles Johnson 1970-03
Pierre Berès: Reflections on Book Collecting Pierre Berès 1997-02
The Book Collector's Dilemma: A Browning Version Michael Meredith 2016-04
Making History: William Temple and the Politics of Publishing Michael F.Suarez SJ 1993-02
Contemporary Collectors Pt 34 (Biblioteca Medici) M.L. Poston 1963-01
John Lewis: Autobiography Pt 2 John Lewis 1993-02
John Lewis: Autobiography Pt 1 John Lewis 1993-01
Books that had Started Something: Ian Fleming's Book Collection Joel Silver 2017-01
A Venice Collection Fergus McGhee 2016-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 65 (A Venice Collection) Fergus McGhee 2016-03
How Much for the Whole Shop?' A Billet at Hay Castle in 1965 David Batterham 2017-03
The British as Art Collectors Charles Sebag-Montefiore 2017-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 67 (The British as Art Collectors) Charles Sebag-Montefiore 2017-03
Bibliophiles Pt 03* (Richard Jennings) C.H.B. Kitchin 1959-04
Among My Books: The Techno-Chemical Receipt Book W.S. Field 1947-01
Edwards of Halifax, Bookbinders T.W. Hanson 1948-06
Signed Manuscripts in my Collection, Pt 4 Sir. S. Cockerell 1951-01
Signed Manuscripts in my Collection, Pt 3 Sir S. Cockerell 1950-08
Signed Manuscripts in my Collection, Pt 1 Sir S. Cockerell 1948-06
Signed Manuscripts in my Collection, Pt 3 Sir S. Cockerell 1950-09
Signed Manuscripts in my Collection, Pt 2 Sir S. Cockerell 1948-07
Tables for Collation ...of Shakespeare Folios, Pt 2 Reginald Horrox 1950-09
Tables for Identification of Shakespeare Folios [Pt 1} Reginald Horrox 1947-02
Tables for Collation ...of Shakespeare Folios, Pt 2 Reginald Horrox 1950-08
Australian Book-Plates R.H. Croll 1948-07
Withering on the Foxglove Prof. Wilkinson 1947-03
The Shakespeare Folios Prof R.C. Bald 1947-02
Among My Books: Margarita Philosophica, G Reisch Prof E.G.R. Taylor 1947-02
Herrick's Tercentenary Oliver Lodge 1948-05

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