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Index Entry Author View PDF
The Arctic Narratives of John Murray, Publisher to the Admiralty 2018-03
On the Polar Shelf 2018-03
Polar Books in the National Trust 2018-03
Richard Kossow: The Markham Interviews (New Series) 22 Sheila Markham 2018-03
Frankenstein 2018-03
Oates on Oates 2018-03
Nobu Shirase 2018-03
Bookbindings Pt 135 2018-03
Scribes in Ice and Darkness 2018-03
The Ancient Mariner 2018-03
Cherry James Fleming 2018-03
Seven More Books from the Library of John Donne Hugh Adlington 2018-03
Bibliophile Cutthroat Gangsterism': Ernst H. Kantorowicz on Bernard M. Rosenthal Ian Jackson 2018-01
Sheila Markham Interviews 20 (Ian Smith) Sheila Markham 2018-01
A Novel about Rabbits James Fergusson 2018-01
Why Are There So Few 'War's? A John Ruskin Rarity 2018-01
The Rider Haggard Society: Author Societies 36 James Fergusson 2018-01
The Arcadian Library Nicolas Barker 2018-01
A Binding by John Bateman for Lady Rogers, 1600: English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 133 2018-01
The Wigtown Diarist James Fergusson 2017-04
A Luneburg Binding By B.R., 1567 , English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 132 Karen Limper-Herz 2017-04
Author Societies: Walter de la Mare 2017-04
On Collecting 'The Troubles' Contemporary Collectors Pt 70 (Brian McAvera) 2017-04
Sheila Markham Interviews 19 (Jonathan Fishburn) Sheila Markham 2017-04
Additions and Expunctions: Anthony à Wood and Doctor Fell Colin Franklin 2017-04
The Lewis Carroll Collector: Joseph Brabant's Acquisition Records as Material History 2017-04
The British as Art Collectors Charles Sebag-Montefiore 2017-03
Bookbindings, English & Foreign Pt 131 (For Bishop John King c.1616) 2017-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 67 (The British as Art Collectors) Charles Sebag-Montefiore 2017-03
How Much for the Whole Shop?' A Billet at Hay Castle in 1965 David Batterham 2017-03
Author Societies: David Jones James Fergusson 2017-03
Evelyn Waugh, Artist James Fergusson 2017-03
The Bradmore Manuscript: Medicine and Memory in Early Modern England A.S.G. Edwards 2017-03
Sheila Markham Interviews 18 (Carl Williams) Sheila Markham 2017-03
The Twenty-Seventh Letter Prize 2017-03
The Book Fancier James Fergusson 2017-02
Night Manager at Quill & Brush 2017-02
Sheila Markham Interviews 17 (Rob Shepherd) Sheila Markham 2017-02
A Masonic Binding for King George III, c1794 Karen Limper-Herz 2017-02
Stefan George's Circle and the Georg Bondi Editions 2017-02

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