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Index Entry Author View PDF
The Medieval Book Nicolas Barker 1991-01
The Matenadaran Library at Erevan* G. Abgarian 1960-02
The Man with the Iron Mask Edward Gibbon 1947-02
The London Telephone Directory in a White Chemise J. Saumarez Smith 2009-04
The Literature of the Liberation, 1944-6 C. Chadwyck-Healey 2015-01
The Life of Robert Bage Catherine Hutton 1947-01
The Library of Robert Burton: New Discoveries Nicolas Kiessling 1996-02
The Library of Peter Mark Roget* D.L. Emblen 1969-04
The Library of John Bowes of Durham David Pearson 1986-04
The Library of George Lazarus* Bertram Rota 1955-04
The Library Edition of the Works of John Ruskin James Dearden 1995-01
The Library Company of Philadelphia, its Early English Books* E. Wolf 2nd 1961-04
The Library at Osterley Park 2017-02
The Lewis Carroll Collector: Joseph Brabant's Acquisition Records as Material History 2017-04
The Leningrad Method of Watermark Reproduction J.S.G. Simmons 1961-03
The Lear Revolution Nicolas Barker 1984-01
The Leaf and the Printers Nicolas Barker 2014-03
The Law in Manuscript Nicolas Barker 2008-03
The Last of the Dalziels Simon Houfe 1996-03
The Lambs' 'Chapbook' Winifred Yin 2004-04
The Kraus Saga Nicolas Barker 1983-02
The Keele Affair D. McKitterick 1999-02
The Jolly Roger: Lady Chatterley's Lover and its Pirated Editions 2018-04
The Jake Zeitlin I Knew Fifty Years Ago Ward Ritchie 1982-03
The Jagellonian Library, Cracow* Jerzy Zathey 1964-01
The Italian Book Nicolas Barker 1978-01
The Iron Press, Paper and Photography Nicolas Barker 1985-04
The Invention of Rare Books Robert Harding 2018-04
The International League of Antiquarian Booksellers* Georges Blaizot 1953-02
The Impact of Print Michael Hunter 1979-03
The Illuminated Book Nicolas Barker 1988-03
The Ideal Library Nicolas Barker 1971-03
The Hubbard Whale and The Jones Moby-Dick, Pt 2 G. Thomas Tanselle 1982-03
The Hubbard Whale and The Jones Moby-Dick, Pt 1 G. Thomas Tanselle 1982-02
The Howard Collection of Bibles in the Turnbull Library David Pearson 2001-02
The House of Guasp* Isabel Quigly 1953-04
The House of Enschedé and Typefounding in the Netherlands Nicolas Barker 1980-01
The Hours Press, Retrospect, Catalogue, Commentary* Nancy Cunard 1964-04
The History of the French Book Trade Nicolas Barker 1985-01
The History of the Book in Britain Nicolas Barker 2010-04

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