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Bibliophiles Pt 22 (John Morice) Adina Davis 1980-01
Bibliophiles Pt 23 (Jean Furstenberg) B.H. Breslauer 1982-04
Bibliophiles Pt 24 [25] (Abbie Pope) Charles Ryskamp 1984-01
Bibliophiles Pt 24(Thomas Wallcut) Earl R. Taylor 1983-02
Bibliophiles Pt 25 (John Alfred Spranger) Desmond Gill 1984-02
Bibliophiles Pt 26 (Joseph Barrois) Hugh Collingham 1984-04
Bibliophiles Pt 28 (Samuel Hellier) Percy M. Young 1990-03
Bibliophiles Pt 28 [27] (Richard Rawlinson) B.J. Enright 1990-01
Bibliophiles Pt 29 (Joseph Brereton) Anthony Edwards 1992-03
Bibliophiles Pt 30 (Sir John Betjeman) William Peterson 1992-04
Bibliophiles Pt 31 (William Bixby) Shaddy & Hoover 1995-03
Bibliophiles Pt 32 (Frederick James Sharp) Van Akin Burd 1995-04
Bibliophiles Pt 33 (Frank W. Reed) Donald Kerr 1996-01
Bibliophiles Pt 34 (Charles Barlow) Richard Charteris 1998-03
Bibliophiles Pt 35 (The Howard Collection of Bibles) David Pearson 2001-02
Bibliophiles Pt 36 (Brian Sawyer Cron) Nicolas Barker 2002-04
Bibliophiles Pt 37 (Arthur Wrigley) Nicolas Barker 2003-04
Bibliophiles Pt 38 (George Thackeray) K.E. Attar 2005-03
Bibliophiles Pt 39 (Esmond de Beer) Donald Kerr 2007-03
Bibliophiles Pt 39 [40] (Mencía de Mendoza) Noelia G. Perez 2009-03
Bibliophiles Pt 40 (Raymond Lamb) Ian Jackson 2010-04
Bibliophiles, Printers, Bookbinders Robert Birley 1974-02
Biblioteca Lawniana, Pt 1 Brian Lawn 1999-01
Biblioteca Lawniana, Pt 2 Brian Lawn 1999-02
Biblioteca Montereyensis-Angelorum Dioceseos* Francis J. Weber 1971-04
Biblioteca Parisina* Arthur Rau 1969-03
Bibliotheca Franciscana John Moorman 1974-01
Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal Nicolas Barker 1995-03
Bindings and Wrappers in the 18th Century Giles Barber 1975-01
Bindings in 16th Century Paris Mirjam Foot 1975-01
Bindings, Hollis Bindings at Berne* Charles Ramsden 1958-02
Bindings, Les Reliures Vernis* Albert Ehrman 1965-04
Blake and Samuel Palmer Nicolas Barker 1979-01
Blake at the Millenium John Commander 2001-01
Blake at the Tate Gallery Nicolas Barker 1978-02
Blake in America* Edwin Wolf 2nd 1957-04
Blake's 'Little Tom the Sailor'* Geoffrey Keynes 1968-04
Blake's 'Songs of Innocence' Michael Phillips 1979-01
Blake's 'To The Nightingale' Geoffrey Keynes 1981-03
Blake's Annotations to 'Paradise Lost' Mark Crosby 2008-04

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