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Contemporary Collectors Pt 24* (Philip Hofer 1) William Jackson 1960-02
P.H. Muir, Further Reminiscences Pt 09* P.H. Muir 1960-02
Bookbindings, English, Pt 34* ( Henry Evans, c. 1665) Howard Nixon 1960-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 24A* ( Philip Hofer 2) William Jackson 1960-03
P.H. Muir, Further Reminiscences Pt 10* P.H. Muir 1960-03
English Literary Autographs Pt 35* (Robt. & Eliz. Browning) T.J. Brown 1960-03
John Meade Falkner* Graham Pollard 1960-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 25* (John Meade Falkner) Graham Pollard 1960-03
Catchwords and Press Figures Home and Abroad* Giles Barber 1960-03
The Aesthetic Investor's Guide to Current Literary Values* Nicolas Barker 1960-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 26* (Julian Hibbert) J.S.L. Gilmour 1960-04
Bookbindings, English, Pt 35* ( The Initial Binder, 1563) Howard Nixon 1960-04
Contemporary Collectors Pt 25* (Jean Furstenberg) B.H. Breslauer 1960-04
P.H. Muir, Further Reminiscences Pt 11* P.H. Muir 1960-04
Bibliophiles Pt 05* (Frederick Nicolay) A. Hyatt King 1960-04
English Literary Autographs Pt 36* ( John Keats) T.J. Brown 1960-04
Frederick Nicolay: Portrait of a Bibliophile* A. Hyatt King 1960-04
J.R. Abbey* Hobson & Munby 1961-01
English Literary Autographs Pt 37* (A.C. Swinburne) T.J. Brown 1961-01
Mary Astell* J.E. Norton 1961-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 27* (Mary Astell) J.E. Norton 1961-01
Mr Muir and Gabriel Wells, a Rejoinder David Randall 1961-01
Bookbindings, English, Pt 36* ( The Small Carnation Binder) Howard Nixon 1961-01
Contemporary Collectors Pt 26* (J.R. Abbey) Hobson & Munby 1961-01
Early Canadiana* F.W. Watt 1961-01
Charles de Spoelberch de Louvenjoul Hope Crampton 1961-01
P.H. Muir, Further Reminiscences Pt 12* P.H. Muir 1961-01
Bibliophiles Pt 06* (C. de Spoelberch de Lovenjoul) Hope Crampton 1961-01
Sir Frederick Madden at Cambridge* A.N.L. Munby 1961-02
Bookbindings, English, Pt 37* (The Initial Binder, 1562) Howard Nixon 1961-02
Contemporary Collectors Pt 27* (Arpad Plesch) Jacques Pley 1961-02
P.H. Muir, Further Reminiscences Pt 13* P.H. Muir 1961-02
Manuscripts of the Grey Collection in Cape Town* L.F. Casson 1961-02
English Literary Autographs Pt 38* (John Ruskin) T.J. Brown 1961-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 28* (George Varley) Cecil Woolf 1961-02
Samuel Taylor Coleridge* George Whalley 1961-03
Bibliophiles Pt 07 (Samuel Taylor Coleridge) George Whalley 1961-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 29 (Richard Watson Dixon) S. Nowell-Smith 1961-03
Bookbindings, English, Pt 38* (Charles Mearne's Shop, 1685) Howard Nixon 1961-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 28* (Author's Collection) Boies Penrose 1961-03

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