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Harvey, Dr William 1953-04
Harvey, Dr William 1990-01
Hardy, Thomas 1955-01
Gunn, Thom 1980-03
Grew, Nehemiah 1991-01
Greene, Graham 1981-01
Graves, Robert 1989-01
Gosse, Philip Henry 1955-04
Gissing, George 1986-03
Gissing, George 2006-01
Gill, Eric 1953-03
Gill, Eric 1992-03
Gibbings, Robert 1963-01
Forster, E.M. 1966-01
Firbank, Ronald 1963-03
Faulkner, William 1962-03
Emerson, Ralph Waldo 1983-04
Eliot, T.S. 1952-04
Durrell, Lawrence 1969-03
Durrell, Lawrence 1984-03
Douglas, Norman 1954-01
Donne, John 1958-04
Donne, John 1973-04
Dickey, James 1975-03
Dickens, Charles Walter E. Smith 2016-04
Dibdin, Thomas 2001-01
Defoe, Daniel 1961-04
Day-Lewis, C. 1969-04
Davies, W.H. 1994-01
Darwin, Charles 1965-03
Cummings, E.E. 1960-04
Craig, Edward Gordon 1969-01
Cozzens, James Gould 1975-03
Cowper, William 1964-01
Cook, Captain James 1952-03
Constant, Benjamin 1983-02
Conrad, Joseph 1965-02
Cleveland, John 1968-04
Churchill, Sir Winston 1963-02
Chesterton, G.K. 1958-04

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