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Bacon, Francis 1966-02
Watt, James 1966-01
Priestley, Joseph 1965-04
Cavendish, Henry 1965-03
Sloane, Sir Hans 1965-02
Harvey, Dr William 1965-01
Boyle, Robert 1964-04
Linacre, Thomas 1964-03
Shaw, George Bernard 1964-02
Yeats, W.B. 1964-01
Owen, Wilfred 1963-04
Carlyle, Thomas 1963-03
Arnold, Matthew 1963-02
Tennyson, Lord 1963-01
Burke, Edmund 1962-04
Cowper, William 1962-03
Byron, Lord George 1962-02
Wycherley, William 1962-01
Vanbrugh, Sir John 1962-01
Joyce, James 1961-04
Hopkins, Gerard Manley 1961-03
Ruskin, John 1961-02
Swinburne, Algernon Charles 1961-01
Keats, John 1960-04
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett 1960-03
Browning, Robert 1960-03
De Quincey, Thomas 1960-02
Bunyan, John 1960-01
Goldsmith, Oliver 1959-04
Housman, Alfred Edward 1959-03
Burns, Robert 1959-02
White, Gilbert 1959-01
Chesterfield, Lord 1958-04
Sterne, Laurence 1958-03
Hume, David 1958-02
Berkeley, George 1958-02
Addison, Joseph 1958-01
Steele, Richard 1958-01
Defoe, Daniel 1957-04
Prior, Matthew 1957-03

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