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Voltaire's Henriade 1954-04
The Use of the Word "Lottery" 1954-04
Hans Andersen 1954-04
16th Century Printing Press in Malta? 1955-01
Castano Psalter 1486 1955-01
London and New York Imprint 1781 1955-01
Bewick: Curious Shape of Parentheses 1955-01
C. & M. Lamb's Mrs Leicester's School 1955-01
Early Czech Books 1955-01
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1955-01
Swinburne Puzzle 1955-01
Brief Instructions for Children 1955-01
Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France 1955-01
John Taylor's Booke of Martyrs, 1633 1955-02
The Champion: Newspaper 1739-1743 1955-02
Lilly's Catastrophe Mundi 1955-02
Portraits of T.F. Dibdin 1955-02
Castano Psalter 1486 1955-02
Will Dockwra 1955-02
Early Book Labels 1955-02
Spadacrene Anglica: Harrowgate Spa water 1955-02
Housman's 'Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries' 1955-02
James Ralph 1705?-1762 1955-02
E. Typis Palgravianis [1842] 1955-03
Le Compost et Calendrier des Bergers, 1529 1955-03
Beaulieu Abbey Account Book (XIII) 1955-03
Palgrave's Golden Treasury 1955-03
A Bookseller's Stamp 1955-03
Tauchnitz David Copperfield 1955-03
Tauchnitz David Copperfield 1955-04
The First Editions of Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1955-04
John Taylor's Booke of Martyrs, 1633 1955-04
Jules Verne: Michael Strogoff 1955-04
Matte Lafaveur's Pratique de Chymie, 1671 1955-04
An English ABC Imitating Handwriting' 1955-04
Borrow: The Death of Balder 1955-04
Brief Instructions for Children 1956-01
Michael Wodhull 1956-01
Lost Incunabula of S. Australia 1956-01
Akenside's The Pleasures of Imagination 1956-01

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