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Query 528: Mars andf Mercury at Market: an Engraved Title-Page for Noel van Barlement 2018-04
The Appleton Alice 2017-03
Lolita: Issue Points 2016-02
Garendon Library, The 2016-01
William M'Gill's Meditations and Prayers 2015-03
Ghost Edition of the Novels of Jane Austen 2015-03
Unrecorded Attack on Thoreau 2015-01
Latin Translations of Children's Books 2014-04
Boswell's Books 2014-03
First Appearance in Print of 'Charles Baudelaire' 2014-03
Aldine Aetius - Two States 2014-01
More on 'Burn's Denominated Tickets of 1860' 2013-02
The Germ (1850) and the 1901 Facsimile 2013-01
Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market (1862) 2012-04
Christina Rossetti's Verses (1847) 2012-04
Marks in 19th-Century Trade Bindings 2012-04
Beckford on Walpole 2010-02
Charles Thomas Haden 2007-03
Robert Seymour, Dickensian Illustrator 2007-01
Anne Onslow's Bequest of Books 2005-02
Sowerby Family 2003-04
Ownership Marks: Sir Daniel Fleming of Rydal 2002-02
Academic Prize Books 2001-01
Tollemache Medieval Manuscripts 2001-01
Earliest Catalogues, by Category 2000-04
Macquer's Dictionnaire de Chymie 2000-04
Henry Miller: Author of Tropic of Cancer 2000-03
Academic Prize Books 2000-03
Footnote to Façade 1999-03
Gone Dry: Unpublished Facade Poem 1999-03
R.B. Sheridan's Johnson's Dictionary 1999-02
Sir Wm. Boothby and 'Made-Up' Copies 1999-02
Sir Wm. Boothby and 'Made-Up' Copies 1998-04
Sir Wm. Boothby and 'Made-Up' Copies 1998-04
Sir Wm. Boothby and 'Made-Up' Copies 1998-01
Census of Printers' Catalogues 1997-04
Sir Wm. Boothby and 'Made-Up' Copies 1997-04
Three Etchings after Randolph Caldecott 1997-03
First Unauthorised Edition of Religio Medici - a P.S. 1997-02
Census of Printers' Catalogues 1997-02

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