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Samuel Roth's Love Secrets, 1927 1966-04
Samuel Rogers, Human Life, 1819 1965-03
Samuel Roger's Poems, 1812 1963-03
Samuel Roger's Poems, 1812 1964-01
Samuel Roger's Poems, 1812 1964-03
Samuel Richardson Serves His Country 1992-02
Samuel Richardson and Smith's Printer's Grammar 1969-04
Sam. Palmer's Copies of Spenser and Cowley, Corrig. 1993-03
Sam. Butler's Unconscious Memory, Trial Copy 1888? 1992-01
Sales Talk 1952-04
Sale Catalogue of Defoe's Library 1960-04
S.S. Alias Mary Kilner: A Biographical Amendment 1969-04
Ruskin, Millais and Effie Gray 1952-04
Ruskin's The Ethics of the Dust: Unrecorded Impression 1981-02
Ruskin's First Published Work 1994-02
Royal MS by Arrighi Vicentino in the British Museum 1958-01
Rousseau's Dictionnaire de Musique 1956-01
Romney's Legacy: His Letter of 5 April 1801 1973-01
Rochester's Funeral Sermon 1990-02
Rochester Rarities 1953-03
Robt. Burns and Auld Lang Syne 1993-03
Robert W. Service (1874-1958) 1997-01
Robert Seymour, Dickensian Illustrator 2007-01
Robert Hedrington His Bookes, 1577 1991-01
Robert Bloomfield: The Farmer's Boy 1959-03
Robert & Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1991-04
Rituel de Québec, 1703, Corrigendum 1993-02
Rituel de Québec, 1703, Corrigendum 1994-01
Ritson, Observations...History of English Poetry, 1782 1957-04
Richard Savage's Various Poems, 1761 1964-01
Reynolds's Discourses, 1769-1791 1958-04
Rev. Henry White of Lichfield 1994-02
Reprinting The Craftsman 1953-04
Register of Books 1732 1967-03
Records of Bergen Iron Works 1973-03
Rebound in the 16th Century 1966-02
Rebound in the 16th Century 1966-04
Reappearance of Two Lost Black Sheep 1965-01
Re H. Buxton Forman 1973-02
Re H. Buxton Forman 1973-04

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