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Gilt Tooling on Macacbre Bindings 1958-03
Beckford's Vathek, 'Londres 1791' 1958-03
Ornaments Bearing Printers' Names 1958-03
Two Untraced Bodoni Items 1958-03
Books with Illustrations by Fuseli 1958-03
Extant Copies of Tennyson's Timbuctoo 1958-03
A 'Lost' Edition of Defoe's Roxana 1958-03
Hannah Cowley: Re-Impressions, not Reissues 1958-03
Wm Ged and the Invention of Stereotype 1958-03
MacCarthy-Reagh and Bodoni 1958-04
The Coronation, A Poem, 1727 1958-04
Reynolds's Discourses, 1769-1791 1958-04
Whatman Paper in a Book Dated 1757 1959-01
Napoleon's Travelling Library 1959-01
Date of a MS in Bibliotheca Bodmeriana 1959-01
Prior's A New Collection of Poems, 1724 etc 1959-01
Fragosa, King of Aragon, ?1618 1959-01
Collections of Miniature Books 1959-01
Bulmer Printed? 1959-01
Frankfurt Book-Fair Catalogues 1959-01
Bulmer's Poems of Goldsmith and Parnell 1959-01
Part-Issues of Bell's History of the British Crustacea 1959-01
Matthew Arnold in Private Collections 1959-01
English Literary Autograph Number One 1959-02
Jane Locker's Greystoke Hall ?1886 1959-02
Loose Plates in Modern Fortification, 1673 1959-02
Chatsworth Incunabula in the British Museum 1959-02
The First Edition of Carroll's Phantasmagori, 1869 1959-02
Thomas J Wise and 'Richard Gullible' 1959-02
A Binding by Daniel Search 1959-02
Dublin Editions of Thomson's Tancred and Sigismunda 1959-02
An Unrecorded Dalton Prospectus, 1808 1959-03
Napoleon's Travelling Library 1959-03
Gosse, Wise and Swinburne 1959-03
Two Untraced Bodoni Items 1959-03
Another Binding for Oliver Cromwell 1959-03
Jane Locker's Greystoke Hall ?1886 1959-03
Locker-Lampson's Lyra Elegantium, 1867 1959-03
T.J. Wise and Tales of the Wild and Wonderful 1959-03
Verlaine's Les Amies 1959-03

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