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Robert Bloomfield: The Farmer's Boy 1959-03
Chatsworth Incunabula in the British Museum 1959-03
The First Edition of Carroll's Phantasmagori, 1869 1959-03
Brant's Narrenschiff, 1494 1959-04
Bloomfield's Rural Tales, 1802 1959-04
First American Edition of the Brontës' Poems 1959-04
Macpherson's Fingal and Temora 1959-04
H. Hallam's Poems, 1830 1959-04
A Funeral Poem to...The Earl of Lincoln 1959-04
Bunyan Signature in a Copy of the Bible 1959-04
Earliest Dated Woodcut Bookplate 1959-04
Beckfordiana 1959-04
Boerhaave's Elementa Chemiae, 1732 1959-04
A Unique Provinciale Romanum at Kiev 1959-04
Untraced MSS Relating to Cambridge Institutions 1960-01
Boerhaave's Elementa Chemiae, 1732 1960-01
First Edition of On The Origin of Species 1960-01
Three French Books of Hours 1960-01
Ghost Edition of the Historia Alexandri Magni 1960-01
In Search of an Archetype 1960-01
Variant Issues of On The Origin of Species, 1859 1960-01
MacCarthy-Reagh and Bodoni 1960-01
H. Hallam's Poems, 1830 1960-01
Tennyson's In Memoriam 1850 1960-01
Three Lost Drayton Items 1960-01
Blake's 'Holy Thursday' in A. and J. Taylor's City Scenes 1960-01
First Edition of Molière's Sganarelle 1960-01
An Author's Imprimatur 1960-01
An Unexplained 17th-Century Cancel 1960-02
Betjemania 1960-02
Housman Manuscripts 1960-02
Unrecorded Article by T.S. Eliot 1960-02
An Author's Imprimatur 1960-02
Dublin Editions of Thomson's Tancred and Sigismunda 1960-02
Titling Slips in 17th-Century Books 1960-02
A Grammarian's Fraud 1960-02
Bloomfield's Rural Tales, 1802 1960-02
First American Edition of the Brontës' Poems 1960-02
Prince Louis-Lucien Bonaparte's Publications 1960-02
A Bookseller's Donation-Label 1960-02

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