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Writing Masters and Copybooks 1960-02
Whitehead's State Dunces, 1733 1960-02
John Stuart Mill 1960-02
St Thomas More's Book of Hours 1960-02
Writing Masters and Copybooks 1960-03
Earliest Dated Woodcut Bookplate 1960-03
Collection of Oxford Novels 1960-03
Earliest English 'et Amicorum' Inscription 1960-03
D.G. Rossetti's Early Italian Poets, 1861 1960-03
First Edition of L'Ile des Pingouins 1960-03
Titling Slips in 17th-Century Books 1960-03
Non est Mortale Quod Opto' 1960-03
A Bewick Prospectus 1960-04
Gifford's Pamela, a Comedy 1960-04
Betjemania 1960-04
Housman Manuscripts 1960-04
A Shropshire Lad with a Variant Title Page 1960-04
Early Thumb-Indexes 1960-04
The Privately Printed Chinese Poems, 1916 1960-04
Ink Smudge as a Mark of Ownership 1960-04
Sale Catalogue of Defoe's Library 1960-04
J.M. Letters to a Sick Friend 1682 1960-04
A Baconian and Cervantes 1960-04
Early Editions of Giordano Bruno in Leningrad 1960-04
MacCarthy-Reagh and Bodoni 1960-04
MSS of Dr T.C. Hope's Chemical Lectures 1961-01
Gosse and Henry Patmore's Poems 1961-01
Non est Mortale Quod Opto' 1961-01
Borrow's Lavengro and Faustus 1961-01
Philip's Cyder 1708 1961-01
A Curious Form of Cancellation 1961-01
A Dedication Grolier Discovered Recovered 1961-01
Trollope's La Vendée, London, Colburn, 1850 1961-01
Press Copies of Joyce's Ulysses 1961-01
A Bewick Prospectus 1961-01
Two Poems by Susanna Centlivre 1961-01
More Light Required: Newton's Optics 1961-01
An Unexplained 17th-Century Cancel 1961-01
Prince Louis-Lucien Bonaparte's Publications 1961-01
The Edinburgh Encyclopedia 1808-1830 1961-01

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