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A Masterpiece Reconstructed: the Hours of Louis XII, edited by Thomas Kren and Mark Evans, 2005 2006-04
A Millenium of the Book: Production, Design and Illustration...900-1900, by Myers and Harris, 1994 1995-03
A Nation and Its Books: A History of the Book in Wales, edited by Philip Jones and Eiluned Rees, 1998 2000-03
A Nation of Readers: The Lending Library in Georgian England, by David Allan, 2008 2009-04
A New Bibliography of the Eikon Basilike of King Charles the First, by F.F. Madan 1951-01
A New History of French Literature, edited by Dennis Hollier, 1989 1991-04
A Newe Book of Copies, 1574. Facsimile, edited by Berthold Wolpe, RDI, 1962 1962-02
A Psychological Study of Typography, by Sir Cyril Burt, 1959 1959-04
A Radical's Books: The Library Catalogue of Samuel Jeake of Rye, 1623-90, edited by Michael Hunter and others, 1999 2000-02
A Return to the Common Reader: Print Culture and the Novel, edited by Beth Palmer and Adelene Buckland, 2011 2012-02
A Second Book of Booksellers: Conversations with the Antiquarian Book Trade, by Sheila Markham, 2014 2014-04
A Sequel to an Enquiry...The Forgeries of H. Buxton Forman and T.J. Wise Re-Examined, by Nicolas Barker and John Collins, 1983 1984-01
A Shimmer of Joy: One Hundred Children's Picture Books in America by Chris Loker 2019 2020-03
A Song to David, by Christopher Smart. 600 copies, 1960 1960-04
A Summary Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, Vol. 1, Vol. VII - Index, [1953] 1954-01
A True Recital...of the Third Banquet Held by The Corvine Society, October 30th, 2013 at the Durrants Hotel, 2015 2015-02
A Victorian Publisher: a Study of the Bentley Papers, by Royal A. Gettmann, 1960 1961-01
Abridgements of Patent Specifications Relating to Printing 1617-1857. Repr. 1969 with a Note by James Harrison 1969-03
Accounting in England and Scotland: 1543-1800, by B.S. Yamey and others, 1963 1963-04
Aesop in England: The Transmission of Motifs in Seventeenth-Century Illustrations of Aesop's fables, by Edward Hodnett, [1979] 1980-02
Agneau Pascal, by Vladimir Mošin and Mira Grozdanović-Pajić, 1967 1968-02
Al'Manakh Bibliofila, [Edited by] A.I. Markushevich and others, 1973 1973-04
Alchemy and the Occult: a Catalogue of Books and MSS from the Collection of Paul and Mary Mellon, by Ian Macphail. 2 Volumes, 1968 1970-03
Alexander Historiatus: A Guide to Medieval Illustrated Alexander Literature, by D. Ross, 1963 1964-02
Alice in a World of Wonderlands: Translations of Lewis Carroll's Masterpiece, by Jon A. Lindseth & Alan Tannenbaum, ed. Three Volumes, 2015 2016-03
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: An 1865 Printing Redescribed, by Justin Schiller, 1990 1992-03
Alphabet: an International Annual of Letterforms, Volume 1, Edited by R.S. Hutchings, 1964 1964-04
Amassing Treasures for All Times: Sir G. Grey, Colonial Bookman and Collector, by Donald Jackson Kerr, 2006 2007-03
American Drawings of John White (1577-90), by Paul Hulton and David Beers Quin. 600 copies, 1964 1964-03
American Embossed Leather Bindings, 1825-1855, by Edwin Wolf 2nd, 1990 1992-03
American Independence, the Growth of an Idea: A Bibliographical Thomas R. Adams, 1965 1965-03
American Literary Publishing in the Mid-19th Century: The Business of Ticknor and Fields, by Michael Winship, n.d. 1996-04
American Literature, Bibliography of, compiled by Joseph Blanck, Vol. 1, 1955 1956-02
American Medical Bibliography 1639-1783, by Francisco Guerra, 1962 1963-01
American Proprietary Typefaces, edited by David Pankow. 720 copies, 1998 1999-02
American Writing Masters and Copybooks...Through Colonial Times, by Ray Nash, 1959 1960-01
An ABC for Book Collectors, by John Carter, [1952] 1952-04
An American Bookbuilder in England and Wales: Reminiscences of the Seven Acres and Gregynog Presses, by Lord Haberly, 1979 1979-03
An Author Index to Selected British 'Little Magazines' 1930-1939, by B.C. Bloomfield, 1976 1977-03
An Early English Version of Hortus Sanitatus, by Noel Hudson, [1955] 1955-03

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