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Vermont Imprints 1778-1820, a Check-list, compiled by Marcus A. McCorison, 1963 1964-04
Unsolved Problems in the Bibliography of J.-J. Rousseau, by R.A. Leigh, 1990 1992-02
Unsere Freunde, ein Bilderbuch rund um die Musik, 2017 P. Voss-Andreae 2018-03
University of London Collection of the Works of Austin Dobson (1840-1921), Catalogue of, compiled by Alban T.A. Dobson, 1960 1960-04
Une Bibliothèque Bachique: Collection Kilian Fritsch, by Gérard Oberlé, 1992 1996-01
Un Épisode Littéraire de la Fin du XVIIᵉ Siècle: La Mode des Contes de Fées (1685-1700), by Mary Elizabeth Storer, 1972 1972-04
Un 'Intellectuel' avant la Lettre: Le Journaliste Pierre Bayle (1647-1706), by Hubert Bost, 1994 1995-01
Typographie & Bibliopolae Neerlandici Usque Ad Annum MDCC, by J.A. Gruys and C. De Wolf, 1980 1982-03
Typographic Firsts: Adventures in Early Printing by John Boardley 2019 2020-03
Typographia Batava, 1541-1600: a Repertorium of Books Printed in the North Netherlands 1541-1600, by Paul Blouw. 2 volumes, 1998 1999-02
Typefounding in America, 1787-1825, by Rollo G. Silver, 1965 1966-03
Type-Specimens of Claude Lamesle. Facsimile of the First Edition, Paris 1742. Introduced by A.F. Johnson, 1965 1968-04
Type-Specimen of the Vatican Press 1628. Facsimile with Notes by H.D.L. Vervliet, 1967 1968-04
Type Specimen of Delacolonge: Les Caractères et les Vignettes [Lyon 1773], by Harry Carter, 1969 1971-02
Type Specimen Facsimiles II, Edited by Hendrik Vervliet and Harry Carter, 1972 1972-04
Type Now: a Manifesto, plus Work So Far, by Fred Smeijers, 2003 2005-01
Type Foundries of America and Their Catalogs, by Maurice Annenberg, 1975 1978-01
Type and Illustration, A Handbook of, by John Lewis, 1956 1957-01
Two Thousand Years of Calligraphy, A Comprehensiive Catalogue, 1965 1965-04
Two Huguenot Brothers: Letters of Andrew and James Coltée Ducarel 1732-1773, Gerard de Lisle & Robin Myers, 2019 2019-04
Two Friends: John Gray & André Raffalovich, edited by Fr. Brocard Sewell. 450 copies, 1963 1963-03
Twelve Centuries of Bookbinding 400-1600, by Paul Needham, [1979] 1981-02
Twelve Alphabetik Images in Colour, by David Kindersley, 1983 1987-01
Twelfth-Century Cistercian Manuscripts: The Sitticum Collection, by Nataša Golob, 1996 1998-02
Turner's Vignettes, by Jan Piggott, 1993 1995-01
Turkish Bookbinding in the 15th Century: The Foundation of an Ottoman Court Style, by Raby and Tanindi, 1993 1995-01
True Patriots All, by Geoffrey C. Ingleton, 1952 1953-04
Trudy (Biblioteca SSSR im. Lenina), 1961 1962-02
Tromonin's Watermark Album with Additional Materials by S.A. Klepikov, by J.S.G. Simmons, 1965 1966-01
Trinity College, Dublin: Catalogue of the Medieval and Renaissance Latin Manuscripts, by Marvin L. Colker, 1991 1993-02
Trinity College Library, Dublin: A History, by Peter Fox, 2014 2014-04
Tricks of the Trade, Jamie Kamph, 2015 2017-02
Treasures of the Valmadonna Trust Library: a Catalogue of...Five Centuries of Deluxe Hebrew Printing, 2011 2013-01
Treasures of Durham University Library, edited by Richard Gameson, 2007 2009-01
Travel in Aquatint and Lithography, 1770-1860, from the Library of J.R. Abbey. 2 vols, 400 copies, 1956 1957-04
Trattati di Scrittura del Cinquecento Italiano, by Emanuele Casamassima, 1966 1968-02
Transitional Faces: The Lives and Work of Richard Austin, Type-Cutter, and Richard Turner Austin, by Alastair M. Johnston, 2013 2014-03
Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Volume 1, Parts 1 and 2, 1950 1951-01
Trade Bookbinding in the British Isles 1600-1800, by Stuart Bennett, 2004 2005-04
Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song-Book: The First Collection of Nursery Rhymes. A Facsimile...Andrea Immel and Brian Alderson, 2013 2014-03

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