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Baizot, Georges 1953-02
Baker, William 2012-02
Ball, Michael 2011-02
Balston, Thomas 1964-04
Banks, Colin 1978-02
Barber, Giles 1960-03
Barber, Giles 1965-04
Barber, Giles 1968-03
Barber, Giles 1973-03
Barber, Giles 1975-01
Barber, Giles 1991-03
Barber, Mrs M.J. 1963-03
Barber, Peter 2012-01
Barber, Peter 2012-02
Barber, Peter 2012-03
Barber, R.W. 1967-04
Barker, Emma 1991-04
Barker, Nicolas 2016-04
Barker, Nicolas 2016-04
Barker, Nicolas 2017-01
Barker, Nicolas 2017-02
Barker, Nicolas 2017-03
Barker, Nicolas 2017-04
Barker, Nicolas 2018-04
Barker, Nicolas 2019-01
Barker, Nicolas 2019-02
Barker, Nicolas 2019-03
Barker,Nicolas 2018-01
Barlow, William P. Jr. 1989-02
Barret, C. Waller 1956-03
Basie Gitlin 2018-02
Baskin, Lisa 2019-01
Batterham, David 2008-02
Batterham, David 2017-03
Batts, M.S. 1975-03
Baughman, Roland 1960-02
Baughman, Roland 1961-02
Bawcutt, Priscilla 2008-02
Bawcutt, Priscilla 2019-03
Baynes-Cope, A.D. 1986-03

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