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Music from Artaria 1778-1858 Ludwig Krenn 1953-03
Scientific and Medical Elliott, Hugh 1955-02
John Clare, Chap-books, The Stage The Book Bag 1955-02
Wilfred Merton Breslauer 1958-02
English Books Printed before 1640 John R. Fleming 1959-01
50 Medieval and Renaissance MSS Kraus 1959-01
Autographs, including Karl Marx Stargardt 1966-02
Harley Granville Barker G.F. Sims no. 63 1966-02
Bibliographes 1494-1892 Jammes 1966-02
Architecture Weinreb no. 16 1966-03
Africana and Americana E.M. Lawson 1966-03
Incunabula Menno Hertzberger 1966-03
Dublin imprints Faulkner Greirson 1966-03
Keats and Atlas Folios Thomas Crowe 1966-04
Left Book Club (Gollancz) Carters and Landry 1966-04
The Great West [USA] Zeitlin & Ver Brugge 1966-04
Judaica: Spain and Portugal Rosenthal 1966-04
Autographs Breslauer 1966-04
Voltaire Richard Hatchwell 1966-04
Victorian Poetry and Fiction Hofmann and Freeman 1967-02
Italian Renaissance Quaritch 1967-02
18th-century English drama Hofmann and Freeman 1967-02
English Prints 1700-1900 Christopher Mendez 1967-03
Music Maggs 1967-03
Bibliography & Typography Elkin Matthews no. 176 1967-04
16th-century decorative arts L'Art Ancien, Zurich 1967-04
Bibliography & Typography Marlborough Rare Books 1967-04
Scandinavica T. & L. Hannas 1968-01
New Spirit in the Theatre 1899-1930 Ifan Kyrle Fletcher 1968-01
Theology Ludwig Rosenthal 1968-01
Books: damnanda and damnata Jammes 1968-02
Spanish and Portuguese, Travel Rosenthal 1968-02
Voltaire Maggs no. 910 1968-02
Printing Chiswick Book Shop no. 86 1968-02
English Verse Peter Murray Hill no. 102 1968-02
Art Nouveau Kornfeld & Klipstein: L'Art Ancien 1968-03
Unique Bennett & Marshall 1968-04
Music Richard Macnutt, no. 100 1968-04
The French Revolution Leona Rostenberg 1969-01
The Aldine Press Leona Rostenberg 1969-01

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