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Coronation Exhibition [1953] 1953-02
John Evelyn 1953-04
Versailles: Its History in Books and Pictures 1953-04
Medieval French Illuminated Manuscripts 1954-03
Officina Bodoni 1954-04
Children's Books at the Pierpont Morgan Library 1955-01
Yugoslavia 1955-02
Alfred A. and Blanche W. Knopf, Publishers 1955-03
Mozart 1956-01
The New World 1957-03
Blake Exhibition in America 1957-04
Baltimore Binding Exhibition 1958-04
Byzance et le France Médiévale 1958-04
A.E. Housman 1959-03
Samuel Johnson 1959-04
Classical Studies 1959-04
Daniel Defoe 1960-03
Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1961-03
Bibles at Lambeth Palace 1961-03
Printing and the Mind of Man 1962-04
Treasures of Belgian Libraries 1963-04
Marqués de Valdeterrazo 1964-01
A Fine Line: Rembrandt as Etcher 1966-04
Illuminated Manuscripts at the Fitzwilliam 1966-04
Bibliotheca Wittockiana: Decorated Bookbindings 1966-04
Jewels from...the Library Company of Philadelphia 1967-02
The First Twenty-Five Years of Printing 1967-03
Netherlandish Block-Books, a Quincentenary 1967-03
Société des Bibliophiles et Iconophiles Belges 1967-04
Mr Boswell 1968-02
Fine Bindings 1500-1700 from Oxford Libraries 1968-03
Literary Landmarks of Princeton 1968-04
The Circle of Knowledge 1969-01
St Bride's Church and the Press 1969-02
MSS and Early Printing Originating in Germany 1970-01
Three Glasgow Book-Collectors 1970-03
German Fine Printing 1970-03
Dickens and Medicine 1970-04
La Miniature Italienne 1970-04
The Turn of the Century 1885-1910 1970-04

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