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Books on Clocks and Time 2008-01
I also collect prints, drawings or photographs 2008-01
Bruce Rogers, Designer of Books 2008-01
Cornwallis Harris and the British Mission to Shewa 1841-3 2008-01
Folio Society, 60th Anniversary 2008-01
The Printed Face of the European Avant Garde 1900-1937 2008-01
Blake: William Blake and his Contemporaries 2008-01
Justin Grégoire 1917-1991 2008-02
Bloomsbury Below Stairs: Grace Higgens at Charleston 2008-02
John Milton 1608-2008 2008-02
The Medieval Imagination 2008-03
Blood on Paper 2008-03
Maurice Sendak 2008-03
Livre de la Chasse 2008-03
Fleming: "For Your Eyes Only" 2008-03
Stad van Boeken; Handschrift en Druk in Leiden, 1260-2000 2008-03
The Silent Messengers [Czech Memorial Scrolls Centre] 2008-04
Drawing Babar 2008-04
Cartoons & Coronets: the Genius of Osbert Lancaster 2008-04
Struggle for Britain's Freedoms and Rights 2008-04
Lambeth Palace Library and its Anglo-Saxon MSS 2008-04
The Mystique of the Archive 2008-04
Woolf: Love and Loss in Virginia Woolf's Intimate Circle 2008-04
Where Duty Leads: Canadian Forces in World War I 2009-01
Byzantium 2009-01
Sydney Cockerell 2009-01
Raymond Danowski Poetry Library 2009-01
Renaissance Journalism and the Birth of the Newspaper 2009-01
Elizabeth Gaskell: Family and Friends 2009-01
Palladio 2009-02
Plants in Print: The Age of Botanical Discovery 2009-02
FitzGerald and his Rubaiyat, 1809-2009 2009-02
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition 2009-02
Darwin 2009-02
Babar, Harry Potter et Compagnie 2009-02
NRF 2009-02
Hallelujah! The British Choral Tradition 2009-02
Henry VIII: Vivat Rex! The 500th Anniversary 2009-02
Liberty & the American Revolution: Collection of Sid Lapidus 2009-03
Henry VIII: Man & Monarch 2009-03

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