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Victorian Drawings and Watercolours 2011-01
Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes 2011-01
Evolving English 2011-01
Western Appreciation of Arab and Islamic Civilisation 2011-01
The World of Letitia Elizabeth Landon 2011-02
The Enchantress: Emma, Lady Hamilton 2011-02
Hebrew Treasures from the Vatican and British Collections 2011-02
L'Egypte de Prisse d'Avennes 2011-02
Gallimard, un Siècle d'Edition 2011-02
Printing & the Brain of Man: the 16th-Century Brain 2011-02
The Leonard Milberg Collection of Irish Prose Writers 2011-03
Great and Manifold 2011-03
Mervyn Peake at the British Library 2011-03
Manifold Greatness 2011-03
Private Eye - The First Fifty Years 2011-03
David Hume 2011-03
Fame, Fortune & Theft: The Shakespeare First Folio 2011-03
Counterfeiting - No Thanks! 2011-04
Hollywood Glamour Portraits...the Robert Dance Collection 2011-04
Casanova - La Passion de la Liberté 2011-04
Mervyn Peake at the British Library 2011-04
Alice in Wonderland 2011-04
Lampooning Religious Belief in Eighteenth-Century Britain 2011-04
Private Eye - The First Fifty Years 2011-04
Derek Walcott at Toronto 2012-01
Beyond Macbeth: Shakespeare in Scottish Collections 2012-01
Royal Manuscripts: The Genius of Illumination 2012-01
The Secrets of Archimedes 2012-01
Printing for Kingdom, Empire & Republic 2012-01
Churchill: the Power of Words 2012-02
The Romance of the Middle Ages 2012-02
Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam 2012-02
Verbum Domini 2012-02
The Diaspora of Armenian Printing, 1512-2012 2012-03
Ray Safford, Rare Bookman 2012-03
Remembering Shakespeare 2012-03
The Book of Common Prayer 2012-03
Between Writing & Type: the Stencil Letter 2012-03
Eliza Draper: an Absent Presence [at Shandy Hall] 2012-03
Charles Dickens: a Key to Character 2012-04

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