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The Work of George Cruikshank, Illustrator 1985-02
The Recovery of the Classic and...Learning in the West 1985-02
Censorship: 500 Years of Conflict 1985-03
Festival of Illustration 1985-04
Ronsard and the Pléide 1985-04
The Vaporiser Watercolours of Charles Maurin 1986-02
Domesday Book 1986-02
L'Inde des Légendes et des Réalités 1986-02
D.H. Lawrence 1986-02
The Reign of Charles II 1986-03
Liberty of Conscience...in Early America, 1636-1786 1986-03
Printmaking in the Service of Botany 1987-01
Time: the Greatest Innovator 1987-02
Pierre-Lucien Martin 1987-02
The Art of Adding: John Updike 1987-03
Marianne Moore: Vision into Verse 1987-03
Views of the Past 1987-04
A Sampler: 175 Years of Collecting American History 1988-01
L'Art de la Reliure XVIᵉ-XVIIIᵉ Siècle 1988-01
Randolph Caldecott 1988-01
Papiers Marbrés: Reliures Princières... 1988-01
The Name and Nature of A.E. Housman 1988-01
Pushkin and his Friends 1988-02
Beatrix Potter 1988-02
Armenian Illuminated Gospel-Books 1988-02
Prison or Paradise: Images of Australia Past 1988-03
T.E. Lawrence, the Legend and the Man 1988-04
The Glorious Revolution: 1688 1988-04
Duke Humfrey's Library & The Divinity School, 1488-1988 1988-04
Hugh Thomson 1989-02
Treasures for the Nation 1989-02
First Roman Printers and the Idioms of Humanism 1989-03
Paul Thiry von Holbach, Philosoph der Aufklärung 1989-04
Les Livres Qu'ils Aiment 1989-04
Mardersteig 1989-04
Harrison D. Horblit 1990-01
Trésors des Bibliothèques de Bretagne 1990-01
First Impressions 1990-01
Rosenbach Redux: Further Book Adventures 1990-01
Royal Academy: Photography as a Fine Art 1990-01

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