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Orchidomania! 1993-02
Verses for the Queen [Elizabeth I] 1993-02
Design Movement & Children's Books, 1880-1910 1993-03
Marc Brunel's Thames Tunnel 1993-03
Knyghthode and Batayle 1993-03
Who's On First? Marianne Moore, George Plimpton, Baseball 1993-03
The Little Prince 1993-03
Medieval Manuscripts on Merseyside 1993-03
Theatrum Scotiae 1993-03
Botanica in Originali 1993-03
Focusing on the Eighteenth Century 1993-04
The Agricultural Lanscape in England 1780-1890 1994-01
Gutenberg and the Genesis of Printing 1994-01
1850-1870: The Heyday of Wood-Engraving 1994-01
British Printing: The Classical Period, 1790-1830 1994-01
Ornamented Types 1994-02
The Yellow Book: a Centenary Exhibition 1994-02
Treasure Island: RLS in the South Seas 1994-02
Trials of Love 1994-02
Tyndale, the Bible, and the Tudor World 1994-02
Jekyll or Hyde 1994-02
Roasting the Swan of Avon 1994-02
Learning from the Greeks 1994-03
A Celebration of Contemporary Poetry 1994-03
German Printmaking in the Age of Goethe 1994-03
William Blake: Art and Revolution 1994-03
Russian Avant-Garde Books 1912-1934 1994-03
Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century 1994-04
A Heavenly Library: Early Science Books 1994-04
E.E. Cummings/ one hundred 1994-04
Romantic Women Writers 1994-04
Virginia Woolf and her Circle 1994-04
Let There Be Light: Tyndale and the Bible 1994-04
The Genius of France in the 17th Century 1994-04
The Sitwells 1994-04
Books of Islam 1995-01
In Praise of Aldus Manutius 1995-01
English Poetry from Wordsworth to Yeats 1995-01
Bank of Scotland and Scottish Banking 1695-1995 1995-03
Handmade Readings 1995-03

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