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Hand of Man on America/ Small Town America 1997-04
Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley 1997-03
Medieval Bestseller 1997-03
Successors of St Augustine 1997-03
500 Years of the Art of the Book in Ireland 1997-01
Early European Books and Prints from Japanese Collections 1997-01
William Morris: the Collector as Creator 1997-01
The End of a Royal Marriage! George IV and Queen Caroline 1997-01
Thames Frost Fairs 1997-01
Modernism and the Orient 1996-04
The Reformation of the Bible: Bible of the Refomation 1996-04
Shouting in the Evening: British Theatre 1956-1996 1996-04
Nothing Else But Noise and Dance 1996-03
How Do I Love Thee? 1996-03
The Battle of the Somme 1996-03
William Morris and the Crafts Today 1996-02
Romanus et Graecorum Studiosus 1996-02
The World of Learning around Johannes Vermeer 1996-02
Aldus Pius Manutius, Publisher of Renaissance Venice 1996-02
The Legacy of Aldus Manutius and his Press 1996-02
Woman to Woman 1996-01
Early Children's Books in the Bodleian 1996-01
Women and Natural History 1996-01
The World of Playing Cards 1995-04
Collecting & Recollecting James Boswell, 1740-95 1995-04
The Hand of the Poet 1995-04
Carrington 1995-04
Bank of Scotland and Scottish Banking 1695-1995 1995-03
Handmade Readings 1995-03
Robert Graves 1995-03
Des Livres et des Rois 1995-03
Carta Azzura: Hebrew Printing on Blue Paper 1995-03
Books of Islam 1995-01
In Praise of Aldus Manutius 1995-01
English Poetry from Wordsworth to Yeats 1995-01
Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century 1994-04
A Heavenly Library: Early Science Books 1994-04
E.E. Cummings/ one hundred 1994-04
Romantic Women Writers 1994-04
Virginia Woolf and her Circle 1994-04

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