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Russian Avant-Garde Books 1912-1934 1994-03
Russian Futurists 1979-01
Sacred Books of the Three Faiths: Judaism to Islam 2007-03
Samuel Johnson 1959-04
Sans Photographie: Peintres, Caricaturistes, Dessinateurs des XIXe et Xxe 2016-04
Scott and the Waverley Novels 2014-01
Seduzione Etrusca: dai segreti di Holkham Hall... 2014-03
Seeking the Northwest Pasage 2014-04
Self-Help: Victorian Bestsellers 2007-02
Shakespeare at Stationers' Hall 2005-01
Shakespeare in American Life 2007-02
Shakespeare on Page and Stage 2016-04
Shakespeare, the 400th Anniversary of his Birth 2016-01
Shakespeare, the 400th Anniversary of his Death 2016-02
Shelley and his Circle 1978-04
Shelley and His Circle 1992-03
Shelley's Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family 2010-04
Shelley's Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family 2011-01
Shelley's Guitar 1992-03
Shouting in the Evening: British Theatre 1956-1996 1996-04
Sibthorp, Bauer and Hawkins in the Levant [1787 & 1795] 1999-03
Siegried Sassoon, Memory and War 2010-03
Silas Mainville Burroughs, 1846-1895 2004-01
Sir Anthony Panizzi 1979-04
Sir Thomas Bodley and his Library, 1598-1620 2002-02
Soane, Sir John 2006-01
Société des Bibliophiles et Iconophiles Belges 1967-04
Somerset Maugham 2003-01
St Bride's Church and the Press 1969-02
St Petersburg: A Portrait of a Great City 2003-04
St Petersburg: Window on the East, Window on the West 2003-04
Stad van Boeken; Handschrift en Druk in Leiden, 1260-2000 2008-03
Stanley Morison: a Portrait 1971-01
Stanley Morison: a Portrait 1971-03
Stinehour Press: Work of the First Fifty Years 2004-02
Struggle for Britain's Freedoms and Rights 2008-04
Successors of St Augustine 1997-03
Such Friends: The Work of W.B. Yeats 1999-02
Sydney Cockerell 2009-01
Sylvia Plath 2017-04

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