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Fritz Moser 2014-03
The Liberation of Paris, the Literature of... 2014-03
Seduzione Etrusca: dai segreti di Holkham Hall... 2014-03
Seeking the Northwest Pasage 2014-04
Edgar Allan Poe 2014-04
Aldine Press 2014-04
Terror and Wonder: the Gothic Imagination 2014-04
Virginia Woolf 2014-04
Art and Ownership 2014-04
Pierre Jean Jouve 2015-01
The 1715 Jacobite Rising 2015-01
One Hundred Famous Chilren's Books 2015-01
Churchill: the Power of Words 2015-01
Magna Carta 2015-02
Aldine Press 2015-02
The Bindings of Trevor Jones 2015-02
The Brontes, War and Waterloo 2015-02
Magna Carta 2015-03
Herborising and the High Church 2015-03
Alice: 150 Years in Wonderland 2015-03
Missionaries and Idols in Polynesia 2015-03
Masterpieces from the Bodleian Libraries 2015-03
Aldine Press 2015-04
Braille 2015-04
Hartmann Schedel (1449-1514) 2015-04
West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song 2015-04
William and Helen Allingham 2015-04
David Jones: Vision and Memory 2016-01
Colour and the Dutch Golden Age 2016-01
Aldus Manutius 2016-01
Shakespeare, the 400th Anniversary of his Birth 2016-01
Armenia 2016-01
Medieval Manuscripts at the Courtauld 2016-02
Matthia Buchinger's Drawings Owned by Ricky Jay 2016-02
Charlotte Brontë: 200th Anniversary of her Birth 2016-02
Audubon and Beyond: Five Centuries of Natural History 2016-02
John Dee: his Lost Library 2016-02
Shakespeare, the 400th Anniversary of his Death 2016-02
Matisse, Books Illustrated by 2016-02
Roll Two Dice: The Royal Game of the Goose 2016-03

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