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By Dawn's Early Light: Jews and the Formation of the American Nation 2016-03
Or Not To Be: Shakespeare's Dead 2016-03
Aldo Manuzio: il Rinascimento di Venezia 2016-04
Time and Timekeeping 2016-04
Frankenstein: Creation of Darkness 2016-04
Bedlam: the Asylum and Beyond 2016-04
Manuscripts, Medieval & Renaissance 2016-04
Richard le Gallienne: Liverpool's Wild(e) Poet 2016-04
Don Etherington: Design Bindings, a Retrospective 2016-04
The Book Beautiful: William Morris, Hilary Pepler and the Private Press Story 2016-04
Colour: the Art and Science of Mediaeval Manuscripts 2016-04
Aldus Manutius: a Legacy More Lasting than Bronze 2016-04
William Stukeley, 1687-1765 2016-04
Sans Photographie: Peintres, Caricaturistes, Dessinateurs des XIXe et Xxe 2016-04
Shakespeare on Page and Stage 2016-04
Edward Ardizzone 2016-04
Les Temps Mérovingiens 2017-01
The Life and Work of Thomas Hardy 2017-01
You are Here: the Making and Interpretation of Maps 2017-01
Images et Révoltes dans le Livre et l'Estampe 2017-01
Michael Morpurgo: a Lifetime in Stories 2017-01
Colour: the Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts 2017-01
Oscar Wilde, L'Impertinent Absolu 1854-1900 2017-01
America's Favourite Fighting Frenchman: the Marquis de Lafayette 2017-01
Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line 2017-01
The Art and Science of Illuminated Manuscripts 2017-02
The Collection of Kerry Stokes 2017-02
Goethe and France 2017-02
Here I Stand [Martin Luther] 2017-02
The Genizah of Medieval Cairo (Cambridge University Library) 2017-03
Altered States: Sex, Drugs and Transcendence... (Houghton Library 2017-03
To Aqaba: T.E. Lawrence and the Arab Revolt (Maggs Bros) 2017-03
Louise-Denise Germain (Bibliothèque de L'Arsenal) 2017-03
Volcanoes (The Bodleian Library) 2017-03
John Leech (University of Leicester) 2017-03
Making the Medieval English Manuscript: the Takamiya Collection in the Beinecke Library 2017-04
Julius Echter, Patron der Künste 2017-04
Now and Forever: The Art of Medieval Time 2017-04
Hunting Stolen Books 2017-04
Sylvia Plath 2017-04

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