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Creative Lives: the Duval and Hamilton Partnership 2017-04
Cultivating Gardens 2003-03
Cures and Curiosities: Inside the Wellcome Library 2007-03
D.H. Lawrence 1986-02
Dame Muriel Spark 2018-01
Daniel Defoe 1960-03
Dante 2003-04
Dante in Text and Image 2006-01
Dante Rediscovered 2007-03
Darwin 2009-02
Darwin: The Evolution of the Man 2004-02
Daumier 2014-01
David Garrick, 1717-1779 2005-03
David Hume 2011-03
David Jones: Vision and Memory 2016-01
Dean Michael Honywood, 1596-1681 1981-02
Der Zensur zum Trotz 1993-01
Derek Walcott at Toronto 2012-01
Des Couleurs et du Papier 2013-03
Des Livres et des Rois 1995-03
Design Movement & Children's Books, 1880-1910 1993-03
Deux Siècles de Passions Littéraires 1997-04
Diaghilev and the Golden Age of the Ballets Russes 2011-01
Dickens and Medicine 1970-04
Die Wunderbare Neue Welt 1984-03
Disraeli: Scenes from an Extraordinary Life 2004-01
Documents Famous and Infamous 1973-04
Domesday Book 1986-02
Don Etherington: Design Bindings, a Retrospective 2016-04
Dr Johnson 1985-01
Drawing Babar 2008-04
Drifting: Nakahama Manjiro's Tale of Discovery 1999-04
Duke Humfrey's Library & The Divinity School, 1488-1988 1988-04
E.E. Cummings/ one hundred 1994-04
Early American Bookbindings from...M. Papantonio 1973-03
Early American Images 2005-04
Early Children's Books in the Bodleian 1996-01
Early European Books and Prints from Japanese Collections 1997-01
Early Images of Asia 1984-03
Edgar Allan Poe 2014-04

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