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Robert Burton: 350th Anniversary of His Death 1990-02
Mormon Imprints in Great Britain and the Empire, 1836-1857 1990-02
American Imprints, 1640-1742 1990-02
The Bible in the 12th Century 1990-02
En Français Dans Le Texte, 842 to 1990 1990-03
Il Libro italiano del Cinquecento 1990-04
Calcutta, City of Palaces 1990-04
Livres d'Enfants, Livres d'Images 1990-04
Eton College: to Celebrate its Quincentenary 1991-01
George Mackie, RDI 1991-01
Boswell: the Bicentenary of the Life of Johnson 1991-04
Hokusai Engravings 1992-01
Richesses des Bibliothèques de Basse-Normandie 1992-01
Read Me a Story, Show Me a Book: Betsy Shirley 1992-01
Mantegna, Paintings and Engravings 1992-01
Houghton Library MSS: The Marks in the Fields 1992-02
Virginia Woolf,1882-1941 1992-02
Shelley and His Circle 1992-03
Oriental Gardens 1992-03
Shelley's Guitar 1992-03
Houghton Library, 1942-1992 1992-03
Engelbert Kämpfer 1992-03
Tribute to Edward Bawden 1992-03
Tennyson 1992-04
Exhibitions: For All the World to See 1992-04
Centenary of Lessing J. Rosenwald 1992-04
A Highly Elective View of Printed Ephemera 1992-04
Creating America 1992-04
Fra Bartolemmeo 1992-04
Book Design in Prague, 1960-90 1993-01
Leonard Baskin 1993-01
Gott ist selber Recht 1993-01
Der Zensur zum Trotz 1993-01
Noel Carrington and His Puffin Picture Books 1993-01
London Wallpapers, Their Manufacture & Use, 1690-1840 1993-01
Manchester's Literary Heritage 1993-02
Voices of Scotland 1993-02
Impressions de Chine 1993-02
A Great Legacy: Morgan Collections, 1913-1943 1993-02
Im Garten der Palme 1993-02

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