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Edward Ardizzone 2016-04
Edward Gordon Craig and Hamlet 2009-04
Edward Lear and the Art of Travel 2000-04
Edward Lear Bicentenary 2012-04
Eliza Draper: an Absent Presence [at Shandy Hall] 2012-03
Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1961-03
Elizabeth Gaskell: Family and Friends 2009-01
Elizabeth I, Then and Now 2003-02
Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend 2003-02
Elizabeth [I] 2003-02
Emblemata...from the Collection of Robin Raybould 2010-01
Embossed Literature for Blind People in the 19th Century 2014-01
En Français Dans Le Texte, 842 to 1990 1990-03
Engelbert Kämpfer 1992-03
English Poetry 850-1850 2001-01
English Poetry from Wordsworth to Yeats 1995-01
English Romanesque Art, 1066-1200 1984-03
Ephemera: les Imprimés de Tous les Jours, 1880-1930 2002-02
Eton College: to Celebrate its Quincentenary 1991-01
Evolving English 2011-01
Exhibitions: For All the World to See 1992-04
Extraordinary Women in Science & Medicine 2013-04
Extraordinary Women of the British Romantic Era 2005-02
Ezra Pound in his Time and Beyond 2006-02
Fabula Docet 1984-03
Fame, Fortune & Theft: The Shakespeare First Folio 2011-03
Festival of Illustration 1985-04
Festival of Maps 2007-04
Fine Bindings 1500-1700 from Oxford Libraries 1968-03
Fine Printed Books, 1900-1999 1999-04
First Impressions 1990-01
First Roman Printers and the Idioms of Humanism 1989-03
FitzGerald and his Rubaiyat, 1809-2009 2009-02
Five Hundred Years of Working Women 2019-01
Fleming: "For Your Eyes Only" 2008-03
Floreat Bibliomania: A.N. L. Munby 2013-03
Focusing on the Eighteenth Century 1993-04
Folio Society, 60th Anniversary 2008-01
Footprints of the Lion: Isaac Newton at Work 2001-04
For Jean Grolier & His Friends 2003-01

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