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Robert Graves 1995-03
Robert Burton: 350th Anniversary of His Death 1990-02
Roasting the Swan of Avon 1994-02
Richesses des Bibliothèques de Basse-Normandie 1992-01
Richard le Gallienne: Liverpool's Wild(e) Poet 2016-04
Richard Doyle 1984-01
Reynold Stone 1981-04
Rex Whistler - A Talent Cut Short 2013-04
Revolutionary America 1976-04
RES Gestae, Libri Manent 2005-02
Repton Revealed: the Art of Landscape Gardening 2019-01
Renaissance Journalism and the Birth of the Newspaper 2009-01
Remembering Shakespeare 2012-03
Readings in Science Fiction and the Fantastic 1762-2017 2018-01
Read Me a Story, Show Me a Book: Betsy Shirley 1992-01
Raymond Danowski Poetry Library 2009-01
Ray Safford, Rare Bookman 2012-03
Randolph Caldecott 1978-01
Randolph Caldecott 1988-01
Raleigh and Roanoke 1984-04
Quelque Notes de Musique et d'Amitié 2003-01
Quarter of a Millenium [Philadelphia] 1982-01
Quack, Quack, Quack 2003-01
Pushkin to Nabokov: Russian Literature at Yale 2000-03
Pushkin and his Friends 1988-02
Private Eye - The First Fifty Years 2011-03
Private Eye - The First Fifty Years 2011-04
Prison or Paradise: Images of Australia Past 1988-03
Printmaking in the Service of Botany 1987-01
Printing in the Near Middle East: Jews, Christians, Muslims 2001-03
Printing in India 1979-01
Printing for Kingdom, Empire & Republic 2012-01
Printing and the Mind of Man 1962-04
Printing and the Mind of Man 1974-03
Printing & the Brain of Man: the 16th-Century Brain 2011-02
Points of View 2010-01
Poésie & Calligraphie Imprimée à Paris au XVIIe Siècle 2004-03
Poe: The Edgar Allan Poe Collection of Susan Jaffe Tane 2006-04
Poe: From Out That Shadow: the Life and Legacy of Poe 2009-03
Plants in Print: The Age of Botanical Discovery 2009-02

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