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Here I Stand [Martin Luther] 2017-02
Histore des Indes 2013-04
Historical Ephemera in the Workplace, Street, and Home 2014-01
Hokusai Engravings 1992-01
Hollywood Glamour Portraits...the Robert Dance Collection 2011-04
Horace Walpole's Strawberry Hill 2010-01
Houghton Library MSS: The Marks in the Fields 1992-02
Houghton Library, 1942-1992 1992-03
How Do I Love Thee? 1996-03
Hugh Thomson 1989-02
Hunting Stolen Books 2017-04
I also collect prints, drawings or photographs 2008-01
I Libri del Duomo di Firenze 1997-04
Ian Fleming: from Bibliophile to Bond 2018-01
Il Libro italiano del Cinquecento 1990-04
Illuminated Manuscripts at the Fitzwilliam 1966-04
Illuminating the Renaissance 2004-01
Illuminations d'Arménie 2008-01
Ilya Zdanevitch 1984-04
Im Garten der Palme 1993-02
Images et Révoltes dans le Livre et l'Estampe 2017-01
Images of New York City Wildlife 2002-04
Impressions de Chine 1993-02
Imprimeurs, Editeurs et Lecteurs Humanistes 2009-03
In Praise of Aldus Manutius 1995-01
Incline Press: The Books of Jonah 2009-03
Io Canto L'Arme e 'l Cavalier Sovrano 1998-02
Irish Literature 1950-2000 2002-02
Islam in Africa 2007-04
Italian Explorers, Missionaries, Merchants , Adventurers 2007-03
Italian Manuscript Painting 1300-1500 1985-02
J.M. Barrie and the Birth of Peter Pan 2005-01
Jack Kerouac on the Road 2007-04
Jacob M. Lowy Collection of Hebraica 1982-02
Jacques Lefevre d'Etaples 2005-02
James Cook, the Voyages 2018-03
James Swan, Cha-tic of the Northwest Coast 2003-03
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Face aux Arts Visuels 2003-01
Jekyll or Hyde 1994-02
Jewels from...the Library Company of Philadelphia 1967-02

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