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John Dee: his Lost Library 2016-02
John Dryden 1981-02
John Evelyn 1953-04
John Leech (University of Leicester) 2017-03
John Maynard Keynes 1983-04
John Milton 1608-2008 2008-02
John Ruskin: La Pietra di Venezia 2018-03
John Ruskin: the Power of Seeing 2019-02
John Wesley 2003-03
Julius Echter, Patron der Künste 2017-04
Justin Grégoire 1917-1991 2008-02
Kipling: the Books I leave Behind Me 2007-03
Knyghthode and Batayle 1993-03
L'Art de la Reliure XVIᵉ-XVIIIᵉ Siècle 1988-01
L'Egypte de Prisse d'Avennes 2011-02
L'Imprimerie, Miroir de son Temps 2007-03
L'Inde des Légendes et des Réalités 1986-02
La Miniature Italienne 1970-04
La Renaissance Italienne 2007-01
La Tipografia Medicea tra Roma e l'Oriente 2013-02
La Vita nei Libri 2003-03
Lafayette: Citizen of Two Worlds 2007-04
Lambeth Palace Library 2010-02
Lambeth Palace Library and its Anglo-Saxon MSS 2008-04
Lampooning Religious Belief in Eighteenth-Century Britain 2011-04
Landscapes Below: Mapping and the New Science of Geology 2018-01
Late Victorians: Portraits ...from the Mark Lasner Collection 2007-04
Laura (Riding) Jackson and the Promise of Language 1998-04
Laurie Lee: Memories of War 2014-03
Lawrence of Oxford 2019-01
Lazarus and Lawrence 2002-02
Le Cardinal, la Fronde & le Bibliothécaire 2003-02
Le Livre Arménien de la Renaissance aux Lumières... 2013-01
Le Romain du Roi: la Typographie au Service de L'état...to 2002 2003-03
Learning from the Greeks 1994-03
Leaves of Gold 2001-03
Leipzig University Library 2009-04
Leonard Baskin 1993-01
Les Amis de la Méjanes 2006-04
Les Fastes du Gothique 1982-02

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