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Les Livres de Notre Dame (11e - 18e siècles) 2013-01
Les Livres Qu'ils Aiment 1989-04
Les Mots et les Monnaies 2013-01
Les Routes de la Traduction 2018-01
Les Temps Mérovingiens 2017-01
Let There Be Light: Tyndale and the Bible 1994-04
Letterwriting in Renaissance England 2005-01
Liberty & the American Revolution: Collection of Sid Lapidus 2009-03
Liberty of Conscience...in Early America, 1636-1786 1986-03
Lie of the Land: the Secret Life of Maps 2002-01
Lion and Fox: Art and Literary Works of Wyndham Lewis 2009-03
Literary Forgeries & Mystifications 2004-02
Literary Landmarks of Princeton 1968-04
Lives on the Mississippi: Literature...along the Great River 2010-02
Living and Reliving the Icelandic Sagas 2000-04
Livre de la Chasse 2008-03
Livres d'Enfants, Livres d'Images 1990-04
Livres du Cabinet de Pierre Berès 2004-02
Livres en Bouche 2002-02
London Wallpapers, Their Manufacture & Use, 1690-1840 1993-01
London: a Life in Maps 2007-01
Looking East 1997-04
Louise-Denise Germain (Bibliothèque de L'Arsenal) 2017-03
Mad, Bad and Dangerous: the Cult of Lord Byron 2003-01
Magical Books: The Middle Ages to Middle-Earth 2013-03
Magna Carta 2015-02
Magna Carta 2015-03
Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art 2010-03
Making Shakespeare 2002-04
Making the Medieval English Manuscript: the Takamiya Collection in the Beinecke Library 2017-04
Manchester's Literary Heritage 1993-02
Manifold Greatness 2011-03
Mantegna, Paintings and Engravings 1992-01
Manuscripts at Oxford 1980-03
Manuscripts from the Collection of L.J. Schoenberg 2001-03
Manuscripts, Medieval & Renaissance 2016-04
Mapping of African Exploration, 1541-1880 2007-03
Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line 2017-01
Marc Brunel's Thames Tunnel 1993-03
Marcel Proust et son Temps 1972-03

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