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Abbie Pope Charles Ryskamp 1984-01
Bibliophiles Pt 24 [25] (Abbie Pope) Charles Ryskamp 1984-01
Author Societies: The Orwell Society Christopher Edwards 2016-01
Notes on the Early Printing History of Lewis Carroll's 'Alice' Clare Imholtz 2013-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 36 (Richard Savage) Clarence Tracy 1963-03
Richard Savage Clarence Tracy 1963-03
Gilbert White Claude Prance 1968-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 43* (Gilbert White) Claude Prance 1968-03
Bookplates in Japan Cliff Parfit 1985-02
Contemporary Collectors Pt 10* (Author's Collection) Clifton Barrett 1956-03
Doctor Johnson's Copy of the Iliad at Felbrigg Hall Clingham & Hopkinson 1988-04
J.H. Mason 1875-1951 Colin Banks 1978-02
Christopher Plantin c. 1520 - 1589* Colin Clair 1955-03
The Rev. C.H.O. Daniel and 'The Garlands of Rachel' Colin Franklin 1981-04
The Bowdlers and their Family Shakespeare Colin Franklin 2000-02
Samuel Lysons, Antiquary Colin Franklin 2014-03
Joseph Skelton Colin Franklin 2010-01
Print & Design in 18th Century Editions of Shakespeare Colin Franklin 1994-04
William Fowler of Winterton Colin Franklin 2004-03
Additions and Expunctions: Anthony à Wood and Doctor Fell Colin Franklin 2017-04
The Edgeworths Colvin & Morgenstern 1977-01
Uncollected Authors Pt 20* (Robert Bloomfield) Cranbrook & Hadfield 1959-02
Robert Bloomfield* Cranbrook & Hadfield 1959-02
Who printed the Constance Missal?* Curt Bühler 1957-03
H. Rhodes and 'The Monthly Mercury' 1702-20 Cyprian Blagden 1956-04
Stationers Company Cyprian Blagden 1957-04
Memorandum Book of Henry Rhodes, 1695-1720 Pt 1* Cyprian Blagden 1954-01
Memorandum Book of Henry Rhodes, 1695-1720 Pt 2* Cyprian Blagden 1954-02
Corvo: Robert Partridge - the Quest for a Corvo Forger D. Batterham 2008-02
Jake Zeitlin & Douglas Cleverdon D. Cleverdon 1982-03
The Keele Affair D. McKitterick 1999-02
Paul and Virginia: International Bestseller D. Menhennet 1989-04
The Wordsworth Trust Collection at Grasmere D. Wilson 2011-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 02* (Francesco Villani) D.E. Rhodes 1954-01
Printing in Italy in the Seventeenth Century* D.E. Rhodes 1959-02
The Game of Quadrille, a Congreve Attribution D.F. McKenzie 1985-02
Doctor Johnson: An Unrecorded Variant and a New Portrait* D.F. Rowan 1952-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 57 (Classical Library, Cambridge)) D.J. Butterfield 2010-01
D.J. Butterfield, A Classical Library D.J. Butterfield 2010-01
Jane Austen in French D.J. Gilson 1974-04

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