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Eighteenth-Century English Illustrators: Isaac Taylor the Elder* H.A. Hammelmann 1952-01
Elkin Mathews Pt 1* ("In the 'Nineties") P.H. Muir 1952-01
The History of a Manuscript [Junius II]* B.J. Timmer 1952-01
Bookbindings, English, Pt 01* ( Restoration Binding, circa 1680) Howard Nixon 1952-01
English Literary Autographs Pt 01* (P.B. Shelley) T.J. Brown 1952-01
The Ghost Stories of M.R. James* L.J. Lloyd 1952-02
Bookbindings, English, Pt 02* (Gilt by John Reynes, c. 1521-4) Howard Nixon 1952-02
Holkham: Pt 1, Incunabula Acquired from Holkham by the British Museum* L.A. Sheppard 1952-02
English Literary Autographs Pt 02* (W.M. Thackeray) T.J. Brown 1952-02
Printing the Classics in the Eighteenth Century* Philip Gaskell 1952-02
Mary Russell Mitford: William and Hannah* Lilian Whitehead 1952-02
An Address to the Members of the London Library* T.S. Eliot 1952-02
The Rosenbach - Bodmer Shakespeare Collection* John Hayward 1952-02
Doctor Johnson: The Infant Johnson, by Joshua Reynolds* Anonymous 1952-02
Mayne Reid, Captain of Romance* J. Stewart Hunter 1952-02
Signed Manuscripts in my Collection, Pt 5* Sydney Cockerell 1952-02
The First Edition of Rousseau's Emile* P.H. Muir 1952-02
France, Some Eighteenth Century Illustrated Books* L.J. Lloyd 1952-03
Memories of Eric Gill* Robert Gibbings 1952-03
The Doctor [Dr A.S.W. Rosenbach]* C.G. Des Graz 1952-03
Faked Literary Manuscripts, Their Detection* T.J. Brown 1952-03
Eighteenth-Century English Illustrators: Samuel Wale* H.A. Hammelmann 1952-03
Bookbindings, English, Pt 03* (Montagu for Thos Hollis, 1758) Howard Nixon 1952-03
Four 'Q' Rarities* F. Brittain 1952-03
Holkham: Printed Books, Pt 2* L.A. Sheppard 1952-03
Address to Members of the London Library* T.S. Eliot 1952-03
Collecting Captain Cook* Sir Maurice Holmes 1952-03
English Literary Autographs Pt 03* (Dryden) T.J. Brown 1952-03
Elkin Mathews Pt 3* (" Evans Takes Over") P.H. Muir 1952-03
Eric Gill, a Note on his Pilgrim Type* Walter Tracy 1952-03
Doctor Johnson: An Unrecorded Variant and a New Portrait* D.F. Rowan 1952-03
Signed Manuscripts in my Collection, Pt 6* Sydney Cockerell 1952-04
Elkin Mathews Pt 4* ("Cork Street") P.H. Muir 1952-04
A Note on Max Beerbohm's 'Carmen Becceriense'* Charles Evans 1952-04
Whitaker's Almanac: An Ancient Whitaker* C.A. Prance 1952-04
Tod's Annals of Rajast'han* Sir Frank Noyce 1952-04
On Collecting Sterne* J.C.T. Oates 1952-04
Bookbindings, English, Pt 04* ( For Edward VI, c. 1550) Howard Nixon 1952-04
Holkham: Printed Books, Pt 3* L.A. Sheppard 1952-04
English Literary Autographs Pt 04* (Alexander Pope) T.J. Brown 1952-04

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