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Dorneywood House: National Trust Libraries 11 Elisabeth Grass 2019-04
Bookbindings, Englsh & Foreign, Pt 140 (Major J.R. Abbey) Mirjam Foot & Karen Limper-Herz 2019-04
Green Love: Some Cannabis Ephemera of the Twentieth Century Carl Williams 2019-04
Alchemy in Britain IV: John 'Soda' Ferguson and the Creation of a Great Chymical Library Anke Timmermann 2019-04
'Rescuing Horace Walpole: the Achievement of W.S. Lewisi : a Review Peter Sabor 2019-04
An Association Copy Matthew Haley 2019-04
Valuing President Nixon: the Watergate Tapes John R. Payne 2020-01
The Photo Book: an International Genre for Collectors Charles Chadwyck-Healey 2020-01
Autodidact Book Series in Edwardian Britain 1901-1914 Lauren O'Hagan 2020-01
The Book Thieves: the Nazi Looting of Europe's Libraries by Anders Rydell: A Correspondence James Fleming 2020-01
English and Foreign Bookbindings Pt 141 Mirjam M. Foot 2020-01
Two indefatigable naturalists': the Darwin-Wallace Collections of the Linnean Society Mark James 2020-01
John Esslemont and his Bahá'u'lláh and the New Era Jan Teofil Jasion 2020-01
Bibliophile or bibliomaniac? Dreamland or dungeon? Justin Croft 2020-01
The Wealth of Endpapers Simon Beattie 2020-01
An Association Copy Michael Caines 2020-01
Giochi dell'Oca or Games of the Goose Adrian Seville 2020-01
Collecting and Describing Manuscript Fragments A. S. G. Edwards 2020-01
A Collection for All Time: John Wolfson's Bequest to Shakespeare's Globe Sheila Markham 2020-01
A Binding by Germaine de Coster and HelèneDumas, 1961 Mirjam M. Foot 2020-01

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