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A London Club and its Library Robert Harding 2019-03
A Luneburg Binding By B.R., 1567 , English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 132 Karen Limper-Herz 2017-04
A Manuscript by Peter Meghen J.B. Trapp 1975-01
A Masonic Binding for King George III, c1794 Karen Limper-Herz 2017-02
A New 16th Century Panel Stamp William Mitchell 1975-01
A Note on Max Beerbohm's 'Carmen Becceriense'* Charles Evans 1952-04
A Novel about Rabbits James Fergusson 2018-01
A Paean to Francis Nicolas Barker 1982-02
A Palimpsest of Naturalists: the Manuscripts of the Linnean Society of London Anke Timmermann 2020-02
A Passion for Manuscripts Elly Miller 2010-02
A Personal Chapter P.H. Muir 1951-02
A Portrait of the Author as a Bibliography Dan Laurence 1986-02
A Presentation Copy to Sarah Sophia Banks, 1806. English & Foreign Bindings Pt 131 Karen Limper-Herz 2019-01
A Rabelais Discovery* Lucien Scheler 1954-01
A Renaissance History of the Book Neil Harris 2012-02
A Ruskinian Project: with a Cockerellian Flavour S. Panayotova 2005-03
A Shakespearean Riddle Solved John Whitehead 1992-03
A State of Absolute Rarity: The Market for Middle English Manuscripts in the Twentieth Century A.S.G. Edwards 2016-03
A Table Outside in Tunbridge Wells Ann Baer 2012-02
A Tale of Two Title Pages Joseph Dane 1999-03
A Venice Collection Fergus McGhee 2016-03
A Victorian Album Richard Garnett 2009-03
A View of the Oxford University Press* Nicolas Barker 1971-04
A Wall of Books G. Thomas Tanselle 2016-02
A World of Sentimental Attachments: the Cult of Collecting,1890-1938 Robert Shaddy 1994-02
A Writer of Prose Hedonicus 1947-01
A.E. Housman Manuscript in the Library of Congress* John Carter 1955-02
A.H. Bullen's Hope Eternal Ann Baer 2013-01
A.I.Doyle, A Tribute at 90 A.S.G. Edwards 2015-04
A.J.A. Symons P.H. Muir 1954-04
A.J.A. Symons Pt 1* P.H. Muir 1954-03
A.J.A. Symons Pt 2* P.H.Muir 1955-02
A.J.A. Symons, Brother Speculator Julian Symons 1985-03
A.N. Tuer & the Leadenhall Press J.P.T. Bury 1987-02
A.N.L. Munby and G.C. Williamson Peter Miles 1993-03
A.N.L. Munby: John Carter - Obituaries Nicolas Barker 1975-02
Abbie Pope Charles Ryskamp 1984-01
Ackermann's Westminster Abbey Jill Ford 1981-04
Additions and Expunctions: Anthony à Wood and Doctor Fell Colin Franklin 2017-04
Address to Members of the London Library* T.S. Eliot 1952-03

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