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A Rabelais Discovery* Lucien Scheler 1954-01
A Radical's Books: The Library Catalogue of Samuel Jeake of Rye, 1623-90, edited by Michael Hunter and others, 1999 2000-02
A Raisin in the Sun 1959 2016-03
A Rakish History of Men's Wear 2006-04
A Rebours 1884 2000-01
A Rebours 1884 2007-03
A Rebours 1884 2011-01
A Rebours 1884 2017-01
A Rebours 1903 2013-01
A Rebours 1903 2013-02
A Regiment for the Sea 1574 2007-03
A Relation of the Second Voyage to Guiana...1596 2015-02
A Relation of...Lord Baltemore's Plantation in Mary-land 1634 1984-01
A Relation or Journal...Settled at Plimoth in New ngland 1622 1953-03
A Renaissance History of the Book Neil Harris 2012-02
A Reply to Captain William Bligh's Answer 1795 2014-02
A Return to the Common Reader: Print Culture and the Novel, edited by Beth Palmer and Adelene Buckland, 2011 2012-02
A Rising People: the Founding of the United States 1765-1789 1977-01
A Ruskinian Project: with a Cockerellian Flavour S. Panayotova 2005-03
A Sailor's Proposal for Finding his Longitude by the Moon 1726 2015-04
A Sampler: 175 Years of Collecting American History 1988-01
A School Day in Books Coltham, Hall & Schulz-Falster 2018-01
A Scott Facsimile 1957-01
A Scottish Miscellany (1479-1995) 2010-04
A Search for a Secret 1867 1972-02
A Second Book of Booksellers: Conversations with the Antiquarian Book Trade, by Sheila Markham, 2014 2014-04
A Second Edition of The Rugby Magazine, No. One [1] 1971-03
A Selected Collection of English Songs 1997-01
A Selection from the Poetry of W.B. Yeats [Tauchnitz] 2007-04
A Selection of Hexandrian Plants 1831/34 1975-03
A Selection of Hexandrian Plants 1831/34 2000-02
A Selection of Hexandrian Plants 1831/34 2007-04
A Sequel to an Enquiry...The Forgeries of H. Buxton Forman and T.J. Wise Re-Examined, by Nicolas Barker and John Collins, 1983 1984-01
A Series of Panoramic Views of Calcutta 1833 2006-04
A Series of Picturesque Views of London 1821 1989-01
A Series of Picturesque Views of Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats 1823 2015-03
A Series of Views London 1821 1989-01
A Series of Views in the West Indies 1827/29 2004-02
A Series of Views of... the River Thames 1818 2011-01
A Series of Views of...the River Thames 1818 2014-03

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