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A Christmas Carol 1843 2013-04
A Chronology and Calendar of Documents Relating to the London Book Trade 1641-1700, by D.F. McKenzie and Maureen Bell, 2005 2007-01
A Clergyman's Daughter 1935 2013-02
A Clockwork Orange 1962 2017-02
A Collection of British Field Sports 1807/08 1978-02
A Collection of Charts and Memoirs 1772 2014-04
A Collection of Poems 1709 2011-03
A Collection of Poems by Several Hands...1693 1968-03
A Collection of Pretty Poems for the Amusement of Children Three Foot High 1756 1974-04
A Collection of Roses from Nature 1796/1810 2003-03
A Collection of Views 1802 2008-01
A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson...1793 2015-04
A Complete List of Books by Enid Blyton, Foreword by Enid Blyton 1951-04
A Complete System of Bayonet Exercise 1853 2004-02
A Concealed Edition 1953-02
A Consolation of Grammar Scholles 1622 2008-03
A Contract of Eternall Bond of Love, Confirmed by...' 1966-02
A Copy of Meredith's Poems 1851 1966-03
A Copy of Tennyson's The Princess 1848 1966-03
A Correct Account of all the Cricket Matches 1823 2005-04
A Croppe of Kisses [1937] 2007-04
A Cruising Voyage Round the World 1712 2006-03
A Cruising Voyage Round the World 1712 2015-04
A Curious Form of Cancellation 1961-01
A Curious Form of Cancellation 1961-04
A Dance to the Music of Time 1951/75 2015-03
A Danish Binding of 1602 Paul Morgan 1975-01
A Dashiell Hammett Omnibus 1962-02
A Day in the Life [Lennon] 2010-03
A Decade of Years 1911 2014-03
A Declaration of the State of the Colony and Affairs in Virginia 1622 2016-02
A Dedication Grolier Discovered Recovered 1961-01
A Defence of Tabacco 1602 1967-03
A Delineation of the Strata... 1815 1999-01
A Delineation of the Strata... 1815 2001-02
A Delineation of the Strata... 1815 2006-04
A Demonstration of the Nerves 1834 2005-01
A Description of New England 1616 1999-03
A Description of the Empire of China 1738/41 2008-01
A Description of the Genus Pinus 1828/37 1997-03

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