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Title Author Dealer Lived View PDF
William Gifford's First Book? 'Dirty and Scandalous' Arthur Freeman 2004-03
William Hayes: Bibliography Anon 1947-03
William Hayley and his Last Printer Morchard Bishop 1982-02
William Hone Justin Schiller no. 46 1993-01
William III 2003-01
William James, 1842-1910 2010-04
William Keeney Bixby Shaddy & Hoover 1995-03
William Lee of Sheffield & Defoe Furbank & Owens 1988-02
William M'Gill's Meditations and Prayers 2015-03
William Makepeace Thackeray, the Letters 1988-04
William Morris Charles Cox no. 60 2010-01
William Morris and the Crafts Today 1996-02
William Morris in America, from the Archives Eugene D. Le Mire 1994-02
William Morris: His Art, Writings and His Public Life, by Aymer Vallance, 1986 1988-01
William Morris: the Collector as Creator 1997-01
William Nicholson 2005-01
William of Rubruc 1970-01
William Paley Sanders of Oxford no. 3 1989-04
William Pickering Publisher, a Memoir and a Check-List, by Geoffrey Keynes. Revised edition, 1969 1970-03
William Pitt, the Grocer of London 1790 1982-01
William Pitt, the Grocer of London 1790 2014-01
William R. Cagle 1933-2017 2017-04
William Robertson's Hebrew Grammars 1992-04
William Robinson: a Bibliography 1975-02
William Schevez* George Bushnell 1960-01
William Smeaton Roger Gaskell no. 33 2003-04
William Somerset Maugham, a Catalogue of the Loren and Frances Rothschild Collection, edited by Loren Rothschild, 2001 2002-01
William Somervile: The Chace James Dearden 2001-03
William Stukeley, 1687-1765 2016-04
William Tinsley, 'Speculative Publisher', commentary by Peter Newbolt with a check-list 1854-1888, 2001 2005-01
William Turner, Libellus de Re Herbaria, 1538: The Names of Herbs, 1548, Facsimiles, 1965 1966-02
William Walton, Composer 2002-04
William Whitehead Harold Forster 1980-04
William Winwood Reade J.S.L. Gilmour 1957-01
William Wycherley: Bibliographical Notes Anon 1947-03
Williams, Iolo d. 1961 1962-02
Williams, Joan 2005-04
Williams, Kit 1983-03
Williams, Nigel 1962-2010 2011-01
Williams, Oscar 1990-02

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