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The Privilege for Philip van Marnix's 'Het Boeck der Psalmen' Rowan Watson 1978-02
Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, His Handwriting Roy Davids 1988-03
A Little Injudicious Levity* Rupert Hart-Davis 1972-01
A Lewis Carroll Pamphlet S. Goodacre 1978-03
Without Benefit of Bibliography* S. Nowell-Smith 1958-01
Thomas Edward Brown* S. Nowell-Smith 1962-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 41 (Ewelme Collection) S. Nowell-Smith 1965-02
R.W. Dixon S. Nowell-Smith 1961-03
Firma Tauchnitz 1837-1900 S. Nowell-Smith 1966-04
Uncollected Authors Pt 29 (Richard Watson Dixon) S. Nowell-Smith 1961-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 33* (Thomas Edward Brown) S. Nowell-Smith 1962-03
A Ruskinian Project: with a Cockerellian Flavour S. Panayotova 2005-03
Jewelled Bindings: Missing Masterpieces S. Ratcliffe 2005-04
Early English, Scottish and Irish Thumb Bibles S. Roscoe 1973-02
John Marshall and the Infant's Library* S. Roscoe 1955-02
Uncollected Authors Pt 06* (John Marshall, Infant's Library) S. Roscoe 1955-02
Historical Notes on Ukrainian Bookbinding S.A. Klepikov 1966-02
Russian Bookbindings from the 11th to the 17th Century* S.A. Klepikov 1961-04
Russian Bookbindings from the Middle of the 17th C to 1900* S.A. Klepikov 1962-04
Association Copies* S.C. Roberts 1953-04
Estimate Brown* S.C. Roberts 1960-02
Lewis Carroll's Rejection of an Edition of Through the Looking Glass S.H. Goodacre 1975-02
de Thou, an Unknown Manuscript Catalogue Sam. Kinser 1968-02
de Thou's History of His Time Sam. Kinser 1966-04
Giambattista Bodoni, his Medical Imprints Saul Jarcho 1994-04
Bibliophiles Pt 31 (William Bixby) Shaddy & Hoover 1995-03
William Keeney Bixby Shaddy & Hoover 1995-03
Ann Baer at 100 Sheila Markham 2014-03
Anthony Surtees Sheila Markham 2015-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 59 (Toshiyuki Takamiya) Sheila Markham 2014-04
Contemporary Collectors Pt 61 (Anthony Surtees) Sheila Markham 2015-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 62 (Lars Forsberg) Sheila Markham 2015-04
Contemporary Collectors Pt 64 (David G. Lewis) Sheila Markham 2016-02
David J. Hall Sheila Markham 2014-02
Lars Forsberg Sheila Markham 2015-04
Sheila Markham Interviews 01 (Pom Harrington) Sheila Markham 2011-03
Sheila Markham Interviews 02 (Timothy d'Arch Smith) Sheila Markham 2011-04
Sheila Markham Interviews 03 (Sophie Schneideman) Sheila Markham 2012-01
Sheila Markham Interviews 04 (Charles Cox) Sheila Markham 2012-02
Sheila Markham Interviews 05 (Roger Gaskell) Sheila Markham 2012-03

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