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Swinburne, 'Will Drew and Phil Crewe and Frank Fane'... Terry Meyers 2007-01
John Hayward 1904[5]-1965: Some Memories* The Times: many others 1965-04
Lawrence Durrell* Thomas & Powell 1960-01
America: Evolution of the John Carter Brown Library Thomas Adams 2008-04
George Winship and Rare Book Collections Thomas Adams 1999-01
Charles de Geer Thomas Anfält 1991-02
Richard Ford and Gatherings from Spain Thomas Bean 1995-01
Richard Ford and his Spanish Library Thomas Bean 2010-03
Brindley's Book Bindings for Frederick, Prince of Wales Thomas McGeary 2009-02
Coleridge's Lost Marginalia Thomas Owens 2013-02
An 18th Century Irish Gentleman's Library Thomas Sadleir 1953-03
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 058 (17th C Mughal Floral) Toby Falk 1992-01
Contemporary Collectors Pt 63 (Tom Zille) Tom Zille 2016-01
The Towneley Family Library Tony Kitto 2010-03
Missale Speciale Constantiense* V. Scholderer 1955-01
Dorothy Richardson V.L. Smyers 1978-01
Livres d'Artiste Valerie Holman 1996-03
'Things in Books' Clothing' Valerie Holman 1996-03
Bibliophiles Pt 32 (Frederick James Sharp) Van Akin Burd 1995-04
Frederick Sharp 1880-1957 Van Akin Burd 1995-04
Thomas Bird Mosher: Publisher & Pirate Van Trump & Ziegler 1962-03
Arrighi Manuscripts, Two More Vera Law 1978-03
Parliamentary Binder A Vincent Kinane 1999-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 50 (Dorothy Richardson) Virginia Smyers 1978-01
Once Upon A Time: An Autobiographical Fragment* Viscount Esher 1958-04
Voltaire and His Library* Vladimir Lublinsky 1958-02
Great Books: Where Did They Come From Anyway? W. Carnochan 1999-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 29* (18th Century Literature) W. Rees-Mogg 1961-04
Children's Books Exhibition at Pierpont Morgan Library* W. Schatzki 1955-01
The Revised STC* W.A. Jackson 1955-01
Arthur Amory Houghton Jr, 1906-1990, an Obituary W.H. Bond 1990-04
Wrappers for 'The Virginians': Variants Produced by Duplicate Settings* W.H. Bond 1975-04
Readers' Marks: 'Rather Soiled by Use' W.H. Sherman 2003-04
The Articles of Religion W.L. Williamson 1978-01
Collector's Piece Pt 07 (Quest for Copies of Articles of Religion) W.L. Williamson 1978-01
Bibliophiles Pt 02* (Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester) W.O. Hassall 1959-03
Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester, 1679-1759* W.O. Hassall 1959-03
John Betjeman as Collector and Book-designer W.S. Peterson 1992-04
Audubon's Salvator: an Edition of The Birds of America W.T. Taylor 1994-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 33* (Song Books) Walter Harding 1962-04

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