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Edwards, A.S.G. 2017-03
Foot, Mirjam M. 2017-03
Fleming, Fergus 2017-03
Batterham, David 2017-03
Markham, Sheila 2017-03
Immel, Andrea 2017-03
Barker, Nicolas 2017-03
The Wigtown Diarist James Fergusson 2017-04
On Collecting 'The Troubles' Contemporary Collectors Pt 70 (Brian McAvera) 2017-04
Additions and Expunctions: Anthony à Wood and Doctor Fell Colin Franklin 2017-04
A Luneburg Binding By B.R., 1567 , English & Foreign Bookbindings Pt 132 Karen Limper-Herz 2017-04
Sheila Markham Interviews 19 (Jonathan Fishburn) Sheila Markham 2017-04
The Lewis Carroll Collector: Joseph Brabant's Acquisition Records as Material History 2017-04
Author Societies: Walter de la Mare 2017-04
Yeats, John Butler 2017-04
Yeats, John Butler 2017-04
Yeats, John Butler 2017-04
Yeats, John Butler 2017-04
Yeats, W.B. 2017-04
Yeats, W.B. 2017-04
The Lawiers Logike 1588 2017-04
The Collection of All the Acts of Assembly...In the Colony of Virginia 1733 2017-04
New England Judged...the Sufferings of the People Called Quakers 1661 2017-04
Calligraphically written 'Oh May I Join the Choir Invisible' 2017-04
Eliot, George 2017-04
Treasure Island 1882 2017-04
The Lord of the Rings 1954 2017-04
The Golf Greens of Scotland 1893 2017-04
The War of the Worlds 1898 2017-04
Cresset Press 2017-04
The Last of the Uptake 1942 and others 2017-04
The Lord Fish 1933 2017-04
Whistler, Rex 2017-04
Lennon, John 2017-04
Officio della B.V. Maria per Tutti i Tempi del Anno' 1756 2017-04
Autograph envelope cover addressed to Mrs Gaskell 2017-04
Pedigree of the Capel family c.1485 to 1775 2017-04
The School for Scandal 2017-04
Chapbooks, juvenile 2017-04
The Historie of the Reformation in Scotland 1644 2017-04

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