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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Unrecorded English and American Books Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Stuart Bennett no. 50 2008-03
Nixon, Howard M. Contributors and Reviewers 1963-01
Dibdin Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Forest Books no. 197 2007-03
Goodspeed, George T. Contributors and Reviewers 1979-03
Pamphlets & Periodicals Books Reviewed 1969-02
Barker, Emma Contributors and Reviewers 1991-04
Alchemy and the Occult: a Catalogue of Books and MSS from the Collection of Paul and Mary Mellon, by Ian Macphail. 2 Volumes, 1968 Books Reviewed 1970-03
600 Years of Cambridge University Library Exhibitions 2002-04
Charles Cleland, Bookbinder, Edinburgh Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1989-04
Fifty Years On, Pt 1 Articles Nicolas Barker 2002-01
Scheler, Lucien Obituaries d. 1999 1999-03
Bibliophiles Pt 35 (The Howard Collection of Bibles) Articles David Pearson 2001-02
Russakoff, Anna Contributors and Reviewers 2006-04
Important Works in the Field of Science Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Kraus no. 137 1974-02
King, Gail Contributors and Reviewers 2015-02
The Library of John Morris: The Reconstruction of a Seventeenth-Century Collection, by T.A. Birrell, 1976 Books Reviewed 1977-03
Croft, P.J. Contributors and Reviewers 1962-01
Die Lehrbücher Maximilians I und die Anfänge der Frakturschrift, by Heinrich Fichtenau, 1961 Books Reviewed 1962-03
Livres en Bouche Exhibitions 2002-02
John Chapman and the Westminster Review Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1956-02
The Matenadaran Library at Erevan* Articles G. Abgarian 1960-02
Gosse, Philip Henry Author Bibliographies 1955-04
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 130 (A Masonic Binding for George III) Articles Karen Limper-Herz 2017-02
Boswell on Corsica, a Cancel Articles Robert Carnie 1977-02
Wheeler, Michael Contributors and Reviewers 2013-03
Tracts on Catalonia 1600-1766 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Richard Ramer no. 9 1997-03
Muirhead, Arnold Contributors and Reviewers 1962-04
Gestetner Maritime Atlases & Voyages Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Daniel Crouch no. 1 2011-01
Freeman, Janet Ing Contributors and Reviewers 1995-01
L'Univers des Livres, by Albert Flocon, 1961 Books Reviewed 1962-02
Adam Smith, Janet Contributors and Reviewers 1965-04
Who Was Mr Y.Z.? Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1962-03
Richard Hood, Vellum Binder Articles P.J.M. Marks 2008-04
Blair's The Grave: the First Edition (1743) Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1984-01
English Literary Autographs Pt 06* (Jonathan Swift) Articles T.J. Brown 1953-02
Muirhead, Arnold Obituaries 1900-1988 1989-01
Joseph Barrois Articles Hugh Collingham 1984-04
Rhodes, D.E. Contributors and Reviewers 1959-02
English Books Printed before 1640 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject John R. Fleming 1959-01
Jackson, Ian Contributors and Reviewers 2011-01

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