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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Leaves of 'Joseph in Egypt' Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Tenschert 2005-02
Nixon, Howard M. Contributors and Reviewers 1967-03
English Poetry Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Fuller d'Arch Smith 1970-01
Grant, Douglas Contributors and Reviewers 1955-02
Poems and Translations of Robert Fletcher, edited by D.H. Woodward, 1970 Books Reviewed 1972-03
Beck, Ian Contributors and Reviewers 2006-03
An Enquiry into the Nature of Certain Nineteenth Century Pamphlets, by John Carter and Graham Pollard. 2nd edition n.d. Books Reviewed 1984-01
Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition Exhibitions 2009-02
Clough's The Bothie of Toper-na-Fuosich Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1971-04
Fontainebleu Articles Nicolas Barker 1999-03
Spencer, Herbert Obituaries 1924-2002 2002-02
Bindings and Wrappers in the 18th Century Articles Giles Barber 1975-01
Saumarez Smith, John Contributors and Reviewers 2010-01
Victoria R. Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Lakin & Marley Rare Books 1995-01
Knott, David Contributors and Reviewers 2009-01
The Making of the Shelley Myth, an Annotated Bibliography of Criticism of Shelley, by Elizabeth James, 1988 Books Reviewed 1989-01
Cunard, Nancy Contributors and Reviewers 1964-04
Early Provincial Newspapers in England, by R.M. Wiles, 1965 Books Reviewed 1966-04
Mardersteig Exhibitions 1989-04
Joyce, Ulysses: Census of First Editions Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1971-04
Melville: the Hubbard Whale and the Jones Moby-Dick Pt 1 Articles G. Thomas Tanselle 1982-02
Joyce, James Author Bibliographies 1953-03
Brodick Castle Library, Island of Arran Articles M.C.T. Simpson 2015-04
Wiebe, M.G. Contributors and Reviewers 1974-03
Dictionaries, Grammars, Alphabets.... Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Rulon-Miller no. 75 [ex-The Current Company] 1985-03
Mynors, Sir Roger Contributors and Reviewers 1963-02
'Berthold Wolpe: the Total Man' Exhibitions 2018-02
Occidentalia Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject David Wise 1974-04
Garnett, Oliver Contributors and Reviewers 1990-01
Mazarin, Homme d'État et Collectionneur (1602-61), 1961 Books Reviewed 1961-04
Alison, A.F. Contributors and Reviewers 1977-03
Wm Strahan and The Lilliputian Magazine Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1971-01
Sir Hugh Walpole Pt 1 Articles P.H. Muir 1956-01
Books with Illustrations by Fuseli Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1958-03
English Literary Autographs Pt 24 (Daniel Defoe) Articles T.J. Brown 1957-04
O'More, Haven Obituaries 1929-2008 2011-04
Bent Juel-Jensen's Collection Articles Bent Juel-Jensen 1966-02
Robbins, Robin Contributors and Reviewers 1989-04
Balneology Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jonathan Hill no. 195 2011-02
Jones, Bernard Contributors and Reviewers 1986-03

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