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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Designs by Mr J. Baskerville for Six Poems by Mr T. Gray Articles John Bidwell 2002-03
Rhodes, D.E. Contributors and Reviewers 1962-03
Two Centuries of First Editions Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject John Updike no. 30 2008-03
Jackson, William A. Contributors and Reviewers 1955-01
Alan Bell Obituaries 1942-2018 2018-03
The Dissemination of the Wealth of Nations in French and in France 1776-1843, by Kenneth E. Carpenter, 2002 Books Reviewed 2005-03
Chatelain, Jean-Marc Contributors and Reviewers 2014-02
Swansong Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject John Saumarez Smith 2017-03
Childhood in Poetry, Supplement to the Catalogue of the Shaw Collection at Florida State University. 3 volumes, 1972 Books Reviewed 1974-01
I also collect prints, drawings or photographs Exhibitions 2008-01
Lars Forsberg Articles Sheila Markham 2015-04
Gutenberg Bible Census Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1952-01
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 066 (Joshua Eddowes 1780) Articles Mirjam Foot 1994-01
Twyman, Michael Contributors and Reviewers 2001-01
Finance and Speculation Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Quaritch no. 1133 & 1163 1991-01
Morgan, Paul Contributors and Reviewers 1973-03
Lessing Rosenwald's Ref. Library Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Bookpress no. 5 1984-01
Foot, Mirjam (see also Romme, M.) Contributors and Reviewers 1990-02
James Fergusson Contributors and Reviewers 2018-01
John Donne and the Conway papers: Patronage and Manuscript Circulation in the Early 17th Century, by Daniel Starza Smith, 2014 Books Reviewed 2015-04
The World of Letitia Elizabeth Landon Exhibitions 2011-02
Romilly Saumarez Smith, Craft Bindings Articles Dorothy Harrop 1998-01
Sam. Butler's Unconscious Memory, Trial Copy 1888? Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1992-01
Esmond de Beer Articles Donald Kerr 2007-03
Joliffe, Peter Obituaries 1947-2007 2008-01
An 18th-Century List of Books with Prices Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1964-01
America, A Scandal: Pt 1 Articles Nicolas Barker 1987-04
Poole-Wilson, Nicholas Contributors and Reviewers 2004-01
Presses Provinciales Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jammes 1978-04
Holt, Brian G. Fletcher Contributors and Reviewers 1974-03
Studies in the Islamic Arts of the Book, by Robert Hillenbrand, 2012 Books Reviewed 2015-01
Brown T.J. Contributors and Reviewers 1964-02
British Architectural Books and Writers 1556-1785, by Eileen Harris, 1990 Books Reviewed 1992-01
Elizabeth [I] Exhibitions 2003-02
Ireland, Where Booksellers Cannot Pretend to Any Property Articles Nicolas Barker 2001-02
The Shakespeare Folios Articles Prof R.C. Bald 1947-02
First American Edition of 1914 and Other Poems Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1964-04
Bookbindings, Foreign, Pt 05* ( Venice c. 1560) Articles Ilse Schunke 1970-01
Sparrow, John Contributors and Reviewers 1956-01
Trissino: Arrighi Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Paul Breman no. 172 2001-04

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