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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 068 (Dorrell & Goulden) Articles R.J. Goulden 1994-03
Unwin, Timothy Contributors and Reviewers 1987-01
Economic Thought in France pre-1820 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Quaritch no. 1154 1992-02
Morgan, Paul Contributors and Reviewers 1977-03
Jack Kerouac Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Bradford Morrow no. 5 1979-04
Foot, Mirjam (see also Romme, M.) Contributors and Reviewers 1994-01
John Fuller & The Sycamore Press, a Bibliographic History, compiled by Ryan Roberts, 2010 Books Reviewed 2010-03
The Writer in the Garden Exhibitions 2005-01
The Scheide Library* Articles Mina Bryan 1972-04
Samuel Richardson and Smith's Printer's Grammar Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1969-04
Charles de Geer Articles Thomas Anfält 1991-02
Kaplan, Gilbert Obituaries 1941-2016 2016-01
An Anonymous and Undated Edinburgh Tract Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1966-01
America: Evolution of the John Carter Brown Library Articles Thomas Adams 2008-04
Porteous, Catherine Contributors and Reviewers 1965-04
Réforme, Protestantisme, Jansénisme Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jammes 2007-02
Holt, Brian G. Fletcher Contributors and Reviewers 1977-03
Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, by Randy Frost and Gail Steketee, 2010 Books Reviewed 2011-03
Brown T.J. Contributors and Reviewers 1964-04
500th Anniversary of the Birth of John Calvin Exhibitions 2009-04
Agneau Pascal, by Vladimir Mošin and Mira Grozdanović-Pajić, 1967 Books Reviewed 1968-02
An 18th Century Irish Gentleman's Library Articles Thomas Sadleir 1953-03
Two Alchemical Books Articles Denis Duveen 1951-02
First American Edition of the Brontës' Poems Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1959-04
Bookbindings, Foreign, Pt 07 (Rome, c. 1570) Articles Ilse Schunke 1970-03
Spevack, Marvin Contributors and Reviewers 2001-04
Perspective Books 1576-1856 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Paul Breman no. 45 1977-04
McKitterick, David Contributors and Reviewers 2002-02
French Books, MSS and Autograph Letters Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject A. Rosenthal no. 85 1980-04
Falk, Toby Contributors and Reviewers 1995-01
Heralds and Heraldry in Shakespeare's England, edited by Nigel Ramsay, 2014 Books Reviewed 2015-02
The Armenian Gospels of Gladzor Exhibitions 2002-01
George Portbury of Exeter: an Edition Binding Articles David Knott 2008-01
Parr's Notes on Rapin's ...Whigs and Tories Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1961-02
Contemporary Collectors Pt 43 (Bent Juel-Jensen) Articles Bent Juel-Jensen 1966-02
Fotheringham, Alex Obituaries 1940-2012 2012-03
A 15th-Century MS of 'Les Sept Psaumes Allégorisés' Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1962-04
American Natural History Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject William Reese no. 239 2005-02
Pafford, J.H.P. Contributors and Reviewers 1971-01
Australian Poets to 1920 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Hordern House 1994-01

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