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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Georges de Belder Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Quaritch 1985-01
Mee, Jon Contributors and Reviewers 1999-04
Gastronomy Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Ben Kinmont no. 1 1999-04
Fleeman, J.D. Contributors and Reviewers 1972-02
Incunabula: Studies in Fifteenth-Century Printed Books, presented to Lotte Hellinga, edited by Martin Davies, 1999 Books Reviewed 2000-02
The Medieval Imagination Exhibitions 2008-03
The Poet Earl of Surrey's Library Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1956-02
Toshiyuki Takamiya Articles Sheila Markham 2014-04
Craft Binders at Work Pt 04 (Sydney Morris Cockerell) Articles Dorothy Harrop 1974-02
Hauswedell, Dr Phil. Ernst L. Obituaries 1901-1983 1984-04
A Paris Imprint Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1957-03
Isaac D'Israeli Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Ximenes no. 89 1991-01
Payne, Anthony Contributors and Reviewers 2009-04
Faculté de Médecine Theses:1796-1896 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Interlibrum Vaduz 1985-01
Hobbs, Steven Contributors and Reviewers 1987-04
Serial Publications Containing Medical Classics, compiled by Lee Ash, 1961 Books Reviewed 1961-03
Brown T.J. Contributors and Reviewers 1955-01
Book of Hours of Catherine of Cleves, by John Plummer, 1964 Books Reviewed 1965-01
Dante Exhibitions 2003-04
Howard Nixon, a Bibliography Articles Mirjam Foot 1975-01
Edward Gibbon: Bibliographical Notes Articles Anon 1947-02
Edgeworth's The Parent's Assistant 1796, 1st Edition... Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1973-01
Bookbindings, English, Pt 68* ( Richard Sedgley, 1699) Articles Howard Nixon 1969-01
Simmons, J.S.G. Contributors and Reviewers 1981-04
Americana Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Nebenzahl no. 30 1975-02
Matthews, Maleen Contributors and Reviewers 1979-04
Verzierte Gotische Einbände im Alten Deutschen Sprachbebiet, Bildband II [by] Dr Ernst Kyriss, 1956 Books Reviewed 1957-01
Egremont, Max Contributors and Reviewers 2011-03
Geschichte der Buchillustration in Deutschland, das 17 und 17 Jahrhundert, by Horst Kunze, 1993 Books Reviewed 1995-04
Shelley's Ghost: Reshaping the Image of a Literary Family Exhibitions 2010-04
T. Richards 1778 Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1979-01
The Stationers Company Articles Nicolas Barker 2003-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 10* (Author's Collection) Articles Clifton Barrett 1956-03
Croft, Peter Obituaries 1929-1984 1984-04
Gray, Thomas Autographs 1953-03
Hedge's Club Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Up-Country Letters no. 7 2004-01
Norton, Miss J.E. Contributors and Reviewers 1956-02
John Stuart Mill's Lost Library Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Hamish Riley-Smith 2012-01
Hammelmann, H.A. Contributors and Reviewers 1954-02
Ray Nash and The Graphic Arts Workshop at Dartmouth College, 1987 Books Reviewed 1987-04

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