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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Nixon, Howard M. Contributors and Reviewers 1966-02
Scandinavica Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject T. & L. Hannas 1968-01
Grafton, Anthony Contributors and Reviewers 1980-02
Agriculture Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Frank Hammond no. 207 1977-02
Bean, Thomas Contributors and Reviewers 2010-03
Philobiblon Transilvan, by Jakó Zsigmond, 1977 Books Reviewed 1980-03
A Scottish Miscellany (1479-1995) Exhibitions 2010-04
American Writing Masters and Copybooks...Through Colonial Times, by Ray Nash, 1959 Books Reviewed 1960-01
Simon, Tim Obituaries 1929-1970 1970-04
Christopher Lichtenberg, 1742-99 Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1961-01
Folio Society: a Patron of Bookbinding Articles Mirjam Foot 2008-01
Saumarez Smith, John Contributors and Reviewers 2008-04
Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal Articles Nicolas Barker 1995-03
Klepikov, Sokrat Aleksandrovich Contributors and Reviewers 1962-04
16th-century decorative arts Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject L'Art Ancien, Zurich 1967-04
Cruickshank, D.W. Contributors and Reviewers 1977-04
The Macro Plays: The Castle of Perseverance, Wisdom, Mankind. Facsimile edited by David Bevington, 1972 Books Reviewed 1975-02
Manuscripts at Oxford Exhibitions 1980-03
Early American Book Illustrators and Wood Engravers 1670-1870, by Sinclair Hamilton, Volume II, 1969 Books Reviewed 1970-02
John Taylor's Booke of Martyrs, 1633 Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1955-04
The Medieval Libraries of Britain Articles Nicolas Barker 2003-02
Whiteman, Bruce Contributors and Reviewers 2005-01
Hughes, Ted Author Bibliographies 1999-02
Bernard H. Breslauer on his Eightieth Birthday Articles 1998-04
Munby, A.N.L. Contributors and Reviewers 1975-01
Library of Walter Pagel Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Roger Gaskell no. 41 (and later) 2009-03
Gallup, Donald Contributors and Reviewers 1960-04
'Parliamentary Papers 1675-1732' Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject James Burmester XLVII 2018-02
Farming in Britain 1700-1970 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject David Low no. 145 1970-04
Alderson, Brian Contributors and Reviewers 2001-01
Map Collectors' Circle. First Year, Nos 1-10, Edited by R.V. Tooley, 1964 Books Reviewed 1965-01
The Wai-te-ata Press and Printing in New Zealand Articles Sydney Shep 1996-04
Wise, Smart & Moody Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1969-03
Normanby, Marquis of Obituaries 1912-1994 1994-02
Book Prices Past Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1966-03
English Literary Autographs Pt 19* (Thomas Hardy) Articles T.J. Brown 1956-03
Riley, Gillian Contributors and Reviewers 2005-01
J.T. Beer Articles M. Trevanion 1974-02
Johnson, A.F. Contributors and Reviewers 1955-03
Wine Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jonathan Hill no. 114 1998-02

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