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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Keynes's Bibliography of Lister: Addendum Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1982-04
Insect Pests of Books Articles F.J.L. Kett 1956-01
Société des Bibliophiles et Iconophiles Belges Exhibitions 1967-04
Bookbindings, English, Pt 99a (Lord Burghley) Articles Howard Nixon 1977-01
Horse-bits Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Paul Breman no. 1 1999-02
Dearden, James Arthur Obituaries 1925-1976 1977-02
Wood Engraving and The Woodcut in Britain, 1890-1990, by James Hamilton, 1994 Books Reviewed 1994-03
Nowell-Smith, S: see also Trevanion, M. Contributors and Reviewers 1965-02
First Edition of On The Origin of Species Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1976-04
Hawthorne at Auction 1894-1971, edited by C.E. Frazer Clark, Jr. 1972 Books Reviewed 1975-03
Lion and Fox: Art and Literary Works of Wyndham Lewis Exhibitions 2009-03
Handover, P.M. Contributors and Reviewers 1966-04
Lawson, Andrew Contributors and Reviewers 2019-03
The American Edition of Huxley's Leda Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1969-02
Plantiniana Articles Georges Colin 1975-01
Blakiston, Noel Contributors and Reviewers 1979-02
Contemporary Collectors Pt 37 (19th Century 2) Articles Gordon D. Ray 1964-02
Sugar and Slaves: Caribbean 1526-1890 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject William Reese no. 189 2000-02
Bibliographies: Subject and National, by R.L. Collison Books Reviewed 1951-04
18th-century English drama Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Hofmann and Freeman 1967-02
Sellars, John Contributors and Reviewers 2015-01
Russia: [Catalog of Incunabula in the Library of Saratov University], 1970 Books Reviewed 1971-04
Limper-Herz, Karen Contributors and Reviewers 2011-02
Paper and Type: Bibliographical Essays, John Bidwell, 2019 Books Reviewed 2020-01
A Chesterton Query Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1971-02
Bibliography, Studies in, the University of Virginia, Five Volumes [1952] Books Reviewed 1953-01
Unfamiliar Libraries Pt 25 (Chichester Cathedral Library) Articles Mary Hobbs 1984-02
Dickinson, Donald C. Contributors and Reviewers 1988-03
Books & Pamphlets 1641-1825 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jarndyce 227 2018-01
Hafod Press and Thomas Johnes Articles James Dearden 1973-03
The Book Beautiful: William Morris, Hilary Pepler and the Private Press Story Exhibitions 2016-04
Bookbindings, English, Pt 20* ( A Mosaic Binding, 1720) Articles Howard Nixon 1957-01
McGhee, Fergus Contributors and Reviewers 2016-03
Agriculture & Country Life Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Maggs no. 1395 2006-04
Wormald, Francis Contributors and Reviewers 1959-03
Theatre of the Book, 1480-1880: Print, Text and Performance in Europe, by Julie Stone Peters, 2000 Books Reviewed 2004-04
Nixon, Howard M. Contributors and Reviewers 1961-02
Earliest Dated Woodcut Bookplate Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1959-04
First and Otherwise Notable Editions of Medieval French Texts Printed from 1742 to 1874, by William Cole, 2005 Books Reviewed 2013-01
Henry VIII: Man & Monarch Exhibitions 2009-03

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