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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Evans, N. Carol Contributors and Reviewers 1974-03
The Afterlife of Aldus Articles Lotte Hellinga 2019-02
L'Encyclopedie in Contemporary Morocco Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1956-03
William A. Jackson Pt 1* Articles James Walsh 1965-04
T.S. Eliot the Publisher Exhibitions 2009-04
Bookbindings, Foreign, Pt 16 ( Gavere, with Angels) Articles Luc Indestege 1973-01
Collations and Potations Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Peggy Christian no. 12 1980-03
Eliot, Valerie Obituaries 1926-2012 2013-03
Italian Verse Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Alexander Rogoyski no. 27 1990-02
Oliver, Hermia Contributors and Reviewers 1979-04
Francis Fawkes, 'The Brown Jug' Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1952-01
History of the Irish Newspaper 1685-1760, by Robert Munter, 1967 Books Reviewed 1969-04
Magnificent Maps: Power, Propaganda and Art Exhibitions 2010-03
Harrop, Dorothy A. Contributors and Reviewers 1970-04
Mind-altering substances Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Carl Williams 2018-03
Raybould, Robin Contributors and Reviewers 2019-03
The Edinburgh Encyclopedia 1808-1830 Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1961-01
Printing the Classics in the Eighteenth Century* Articles Philip Gaskell 1952-02
Bloomfield, B.C. Contributors and Reviewers 1987-03
Japan and China Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Charlotte du Rietz 2017-03
Contemporary Collectors Pt 50 (D & H Heineman Collection) Articles Herbert Cahoon 1980-04
Voyages: Vespucci to Vancouver Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject William Reese no. 264 2008-04
More Old English Farming Books... 1731-1793, by G.E. Fussell n.d. Books Reviewed 1951-01
Three Centuries of Voyages Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Hordern House 2013-03
Sheppard, L.A. Contributors and Reviewers 1957-03
Goethe and France Exhibitions 2017-02
Russia: The Book, Researches and Materials, Vol. XX, 1970 Books Reviewed 1970-04
Little, Geoffrey Contributors and Reviewers 1984-04
Unwin's 'Poppies' Series Articles Paul McGrane 2018-04
James, Mark Contributors and Reviewers 2020-01
A Lakeland Artist Identified Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1994-02
Bibliomania: An Australian Book-Collector's Essays, by George Mackaness, 1965 Books Reviewed 1966-03
Voltaire and His Library* Articles Vladimir Lublinsky 1958-02
Doyle, A.I. Contributors and Reviewers 2004-01
Charles Benson Obituaries 1946-2017 2018-01
Hawthorne and Crane Articles G.T. Tanselle 1974-02
Bookbindings, English, Pt 36* ( The Small Carnation Binder) Articles Howard Nixon 1961-01
Ronald Firbank Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Callum James 2016-03
Charles Roberson & Co, Art Materials Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Marlborough Rare Books no. 147 1992-04
Adelman, Seymour Obituaries 1907-1985 1985-04

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