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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
Trattati di Scrittura del Cinquecento Italiano, by Emanuele Casamassima, 1966 Books Reviewed 1968-02
Nixon, Howard M. Contributors and Reviewers 1965-02
Early Printed Books on Tinted Paper Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1970-01
Francis Barlow, First Master of English Book Illustration, by Edward Hodnett, 1978 Books Reviewed 1980-03
Illuminating the Renaissance Exhibitions 2004-01
Gordon, Douglas Contributors and Reviewers 1981-03
Sketchbook Used by Mary Shelley Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1980-04
Oak Knoll to Great Russell Street Articles Luria & Brewer 1987-01
Beadle, Richard Contributors and Reviewers 2004-01
Samuel Taylor Coleridge* Articles George Whalley 1961-03
Fractional US Paper Money Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject The Current Company, Bristol, Rhode Island 1974-02
Silver, Louis H. Obituaries 1901-1963 1964-01
ICA Catalogues and Ephemera Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Gekoski no. 22 1997-01
Sadleir, Thomas U. Contributors and Reviewers 1953-03
Printed Ephemera: The Changing Uses ...In English and American Printing, by John Lewis, 1962 Books Reviewed 1963-01
Klein, R. Contributors and Reviewers 1971-03
Clare, John Autographs 1955-02
Antiquarian Book Trade, Dictionary for, Compiled by Menno Hertzberger, 1956 Books Reviewed 1956-03
Uncollected Authors Pt 26* (Julian Hibbert) Articles J.S.L. Gilmour 1960-04
Crow, John Contributors and Reviewers 1963-03
Harry Buxton Forman and William Morris: an Enquiry Articles John Collins 1972-04
Cortlandt Field Bishop: Death Struggles of the American-Anderson Galleries Articles Douglas Gordon 1985-04
Holy Bible Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Leamington Bookshop, Virginia, no. 36 1970-02
Whitehead, H.G. Contributors and Reviewers 1962-01
The Novel: A Biography, by Michael Schmidt, 2014 Books Reviewed 2015-03
Munby, A.N.L. Contributors and Reviewers 1958-01
Alchemy in Britain: a Collective Story Articles Anke Timmermann 2019-01
Curious and Facetious Letters of Benjamin Franklin Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1985-04
Edward Rowe Mores: A Dissertation upon English Typographical Founders (1778) and John James (1782), by Harry Carter, 1961 Books Reviewed 1962-03
Elizabeth I: Ruler and Legend Exhibitions 2003-02
Fuller, David Contributors and Reviewers 1992-01
Elizabethan Publishing and the Makings of Literary Culture, Kirk Melnikoff, 2018 Books Reviewed 2019-02
Private Presses Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1957-04
Mary Russell Mitford: William and Hannah* Articles Lilian Whitehead 1952-02
Adams, Thomas R. Contributors and Reviewers 2007-03
The Burndy Library in Mitosis Articles Bern Dibner 1977-04
Australia and its Neighbours Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Serendipity Books 1976-02
Neighbour, Oliver Obituaries 1923-2015 2015-02
Midwifery Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Deborah Coltman no. 1 2007-03
Richardson, Brian Contributors and Reviewers 2014-02

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