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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
McKitterick, David Contributors and Reviewers 2003-04
Beckfordiana Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1959-04
Carter's Caps: An Alphabet of Capital Letters Cut by Will Carter...1982 Books Reviewed 1987-01
Aldus Manutius Exhibitions 2016-01
Feather, John Contributors and Reviewers 1982-01
'George van Houten' Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Sophie Schneideman 2018-02
Library of Samuel Jeake of Rye (1623-90) Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1992-04
Jane Austen in French Articles D.J. Gilson 1974-04
The Art of Holy Russia, 1400-1600 Exhibitions 1998-02
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 013 (Alex. Ogstoun, 1680) Articles Mirjam Foot 1980-02
Translations Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Pickering and Chatto 1994-03
Francis, Sir Frank Obituaries 1901-1988 1988-04
Modern Irish Poetry Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Ash Rare Books 1996-04
Pagliaroli, Stefano Contributors and Reviewers 2016-02
Gems From the Poets, 1859 Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1963-02
Il Rittrato nel Libro Italiano del Cinquecento, by Giuseppina Zappella. 2 volumes, 1988 Books Reviewed 1991-04
Martin Luther Exhibitions 1984-02
Hassall, Dr W.O. Contributors and Reviewers 1959-03
Incunabula in Transit: People and Trade, 2018, Lotte Hellinga Books Reviewed 2018-03
The Infant Minstrel, 1816 Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1964-01
Recording Illuminated MSS Articles Nicolas Barker 2012-03
Brand, C.P. Contributors and Reviewers 1968-01
Altered States: Sex, Drugs and Transcendence... (Houghton Library Exhibitions 2017-03
Corvo: Robert Partridge - the Quest for a Corvo Forger Articles D. Batterham 2008-02
Italy Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject William Salloch no. 351 1978-04
The Art of the Book [1939-1950], edited by Charles Ede Books Reviewed 1951-04
Gothic Architecture Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Hugh Pagan no. 62 2010-03
Simmons, J.S.G. Contributors and Reviewers 1963-02
Ian Jackson Contributors and Reviewers 2017-02
Russian Illuminated Manuscripts, by Olga Popova, 1984 Books Reviewed 1985-04
Mackie, George Contributors and Reviewers 1997-01
The Odyssey of a Donation: K.A. Nikolopoulos and the Public Historical Library of Andritsaina Articles Sheila Markham 2020-02
A Sixteenth-Century Fragment Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1952-04
Bidrag til H.C. Andersens Bibliografi,Volume II, by Sv. Juel Møller, 1968 Books Reviewed 1969-04
Evelyn Waugh: Supplementary Bibliography* Articles Alain Blayac 1976-01
Duggan, Mary Kay Contributors and Reviewers 1988-04
Sheila Markham Contributors and Reviewers 2018-01
Anthony Robert Alwyn Hobson Articles Nicolas Barker 1991-03
Bookbindings, English, Pt 52* ( Lord Herbert's Binder) Articles Howard Nixon 1965-01
Paul Valery Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Coulet 2016-03

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