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Title Section Sub Category Author Dealer Lived Publication
New Zealand Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject E.M. Lawson no. 183 1973-02
Jones, Gregory V. Contributors and Reviewers 2013-03
Neri da Rimini und die Riminiser Miniaturmalerei des Frühen Trecento, by Gudrun Dauner, 1998 Books Reviewed 2002-02
Cohen, Edward H. Contributors and Reviewers 2009-02
Swift, Jonathan Author Bibliographies 1964-03
A Guide to English Illustrated Books 1536-1693, by Ruth Luborsky and Elizabeth Morley Ingram. 2 volumes, 1998 Books Reviewed 2000-03
The Doctor [Dr A.S.W. Rosenbach]* Articles C.G. Des Graz 1952-03
English Scientific Autographs Pt 4 (Sir Hans Sloane) Articles T.J. Brown 1965-02
Bibliophiles Pt 04* (W. Schevez, Archbishop of St Andrews) Articles George Bushnell 1960-01
Voronova, T.P. Contributors and Reviewers 1956-01
Realms of Childhood Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Justin Schiller no. 41 1983-03
Morris, O.H. Contributors and Reviewers 2006-02
The History of All Souls College, by Sir Edmund Craster, 1971 Books Reviewed 1973-01
Foot, Mirjam (see also Romme, M.) Contributors and Reviewers 2014-03
Cary: Dante Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1952-02
Courtiers and Cannibals, Angels and Amazons: the Art of the Decorative Cartographic Titlepage, by Rodney Shirley, 2009 Books Reviewed 2009-03
Children's Sports and Pastimes Exhibitions 2006-01
Twelve Soldier Poets of the First World War Exhibitions 2003-01
Non est Mortale Quod Opto' Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1961-04
An Address to the Members of the London Library* Articles T.S. Eliot 1952-02
Bookbindings, English & Foreign, Pt 109 (For Charles I, 1630) Articles Mirjam Foot 2011-04
LeFanu, William Obituaries 1905-1995 1995-03
Russian Poetry 1905-1935 Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Quevado no. 2 1983-02
Purcell, Mark Contributors and Reviewers 2006-04
Three-deckers Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Chris Kohler 1975-03
Hunt, Arnold Contributors and Reviewers 2010-02
Jane Locker's Greystoke Hall ?1886 Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1959-02
Legature di Pregio del Secondo Cinquecento dalla Raccolta di Gian Federico Madruzzo, by F. Malaguzzi, n.d. Books Reviewed 1994-01
Romantic Gardens: Nature Art and Landscape Design Exhibitions 2010-03
Butterfield, D.J. Contributors and Reviewers 2010-01
Durrell, Lawrence Author Bibliographies 1984-03
Variant Readings in Housman's Collected Poems Bibliographic Notes and Queries 1957-02
Sion, Evelyn and What Next?* Articles Nicolas Barker 1977-03
Dyrham Park Library, Pt 2 Articles Anna Simoni 1983-03
Fabes, Gilbert A. Contributors and Reviewers 1951-01
Author Societies: Beatrix Potter Articles James Fergusson 2013-04
Stoddard, Roger E. Contributors and Reviewers 1993-03
Wilkie Collins Dealers’ Catalogues by Subject Jarndyce no. 93 1993-03
McKitterick, David Contributors and Reviewers 2012-03
The Book of Books: 500 Years of Graphic Invention, edited by Mathieu Lommen, 2012 Books Reviewed 2016-02

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